BTG Hotel (600258) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: New Stores Accelerate Less Than Expected Overlapping Same Stores Accelerate Downward Downward Performance and Expect Q4 Marginal Improvement

BTG Hotel (600258) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: New Stores Accelerate Less Than Expected Overlapping Same Stores Accelerate Downward Downward Performance and Expect Q4 Marginal Improvement
Investment Highlights Event: Company Announcement: 2019Q1-Q3 achieved revenue 62.31 ppm, a decrease of 2 per year.16%, of which, Q1 / Q2 / Q3 growth rate is 0.99% /-1.5% /-5.32%; net profit attributable to mother 7.1.9 billion, down 10 a year.27%; net profit of non-attributed mothers 6.89 ppm, a 10-year increase3.75%, of which, Q1 / Q2 / Q3 growth rates are -3.04% / 8.31% / 1.51%; operating net cash flow 14.16 ppm, a decrease of 0 per year.7%, EPS is 0.73 yuan / share. Opinion: Affected by the renovation and upgrade of direct-operated stores and the downturn of the industry, revenue has been reduced, related expenses have been reduced and investment income has increased, and Q2 results have turned positive.At the core of the report, the company achieved revenue 62.31 ppm, a decrease of 2 per year.16%, the decline in revenue was mainly due to the internal upgrade of the direct-operated stores due to the compliance and upgrading of closed stores; of which, the hotel segment achieved revenue of 59.01 billion, down 2 every year.31%, of which, hotel operations fell by 4.8% (19H1 decreased by 2.72杭州桑拿%), hotel management increased by 9.52% (19H1 increased by 9.98%), revenue from the Scenic Sector3.30,000 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.55%; the company realized a total profit of 10.37 trillion, down 10 a year.28%, mainly due to: 1) Food and beverage (increasing the launch of a bowl of noodles + increased delivery of food) and commodity costs increased by 41.72 million / + 12.05%; 2) Sales expenses decreased by RMB 12.397 million / -3.02% (reduction in the number of directly operated stores + reduction in RevPAR short-term bonus + energy, reduction in depreciation and amortization expenses); 3) management and research and development expenses reduced by 835 million / -1.1%; 4) Finance expenses for repayment of loans decreased by 3,181 million / -24.47%; 5) Received the Enterprise Development and Support Incentive Fund, a new increase in budget reform, and other input taxes to increase other income by 3,751 million / + 115.39%; 6) Investment income decreased by -12.68 million yuan / -80.69%. New stores and net stores have accelerated, Q1 to Q3 have gradually opened 431 new stores (long-term target of 800), Q4 is expected to speed up new stores.As of the end of 19Q3, the number of company hotels was 4,174 (including 1 overseas), a net increase of 125 over the beginning of the year, the number of rooms was 402,158, an increase of 4,597 over the beginning of the year; of which, 2,642 were economical, 814 were mid- to high-end, and cloud hotels377, others (apartments, management output, Manqu Paradise, such as a small town); 341; 75/159/197 new stores opened in 19Q1 / Q2 / Q3 (84/135/156 in 18Q1 / Q2 / Q3 respectively),Among them, there are 13 directly-operated stores, 143 mid-to-high-end (13 directly-operated), 63 economical, 98 cloud series, and 127 others; net opening of 12/56/104 stores (18Q1 / Q2 / Q3 are 21 respectively)/ 55/70 stores), 22 directly-operated stores; economy-104 stores, 111 mid- to high-end stores (among which are Yiyi / Home Inns Select / Home Inns business with a net increase of 11/17/79), and 81 cloud series, The other 84 (excluding the impact of apartments); the proportion of rooms in direct-operated stores further decreased to 26.58%, a decrease of 0 from the beginning of the year.66pct, middle and high-end bedrooms account for 23.1%; until the end of 19Q3, there were 663,689 shops that had not been opened or were contracted, an increase of 133 earlier, and a decrease of 26 earlier Q2. Affected by the intensified economic growth of the downlink and the factors in September, Q3 operating data accelerated the downward.Affected by the downturn in the macro economy, the segmentation of the growth of the tourism market and the intensified competition, the quarterly operating data has accelerated downward since the beginning of this year.The company started to merge the same store data into the first BTG hotel store in 19Q2 and split the cloud series brands. According to the quarterly data, 17Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 / 18Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 / 19Q1 / Q2 / Q3 overall RevPARRespectively increase by 4.5% / 6.7% / 8% / 7.2% / 4% / 5.6% / 4.1% / 2.8% /-0.5% /-1.5 / -3.7%, same-store RevPAR increased by 2 respectively.90% / 2.50% / 4.90% / 5.90% / 6.50% / 4.30% / 2.4% / 1.4% /-3% /-3.6% /-6.1%; Q3 same-store occupancy rate fell again, and the average house price fell further. Under short-term pressure, we expect the same-store expansion in Q4 to narrow and new stores to accelerate.In the fourth quarter, it is expected that some of the demand will move backwards, the northbound market is improving, and the same store locations will narrow in the low base. Overlapping the company’s initial new store opening goals, the new store opening is expected to accelerate in the fourth quarter. In addition, additional proportions will be added to increase thickening performance.In addition, actively research and develop and optimize hotel management systems to improve operational efficiency; the launch of a joint venture brand with Hyatt, “YiCheng UrCovebyHYATT”, focusing on the mid-to-high end consumer market will replace Home Inns’ shortcomings in this field. Profit forecast and investment rating: Affected by macroeconomic factors and other factors, operating data is intensifying downward, short-term pressure is transmitted, and the speed of new stores is slower than expected, and Q4 is expected to accelerate; in 19 years, the contribution of new stores and franchise stores will become an important factor in performance growthAs the direct-operated stores shrink and enter the transformation and upgrade cycle, business operations are improved and the proportion of mid- to high-end and franchise revenue is increased. The proportion of franchise stores ‘contribution will continue to increase and counterbalance the increase. Gradually, the company ‘s distribution incentives are assumed to be successfully implemented.During the transition period of the hotel industry, we will enhance competitiveness and operating efficiency, and cooperate with Hyatt to make up for the short-term brand of the mid-end brands. We have lowered the company’s profit forecast for 19-21, and expect the EPS in 19-21 to be zero.87/1.05/1.21 yuan, the corresponding daily PE on October 29 is 19/16/14 times, maintaining the “prudent increase” rating. Risk reminders: Macroeconomic growth rate, store expansion and revpar growth rate are less than expected, management improvement and internal integration are not progressing as expected, goodwill impairment losses, state-owned enterprise reform progress is less than expected, shareholders reduce risk, etc.

Wanhua Chemical (600309): 40th Anniversary Successfully Closes Customs and Accelerates in 2019

Wanhua Chemical (600309): 40th Anniversary Successfully Closes Customs and Accelerates in 2019

Event description: On April 22, the company announced the 2018 annual report.

According to the announcement, the company achieved revenue of 606 in 2018.

21 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.

11%; net profit attributable to mother 106.

10 ‰, a decline of 4 per year.

71%; estimated average return on net assets increased by 36.

82%, a decrease of 13 per year.

84 partnerships; net cash flow from operating activities was 192.

570,000 yuan, an increase of 79 in ten years.

85%; 2 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares, accounting for 59% of net profit attributable to the mother.


According to the special preparation of the basic financial report, after absorbing and merging Wanhua Chemical, the company realized revenue of 728 in 2018.

37 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

33%; net profit attributable to mother 155.

6.6 billion, down by 1 every year.


Incident analysis and description: 1. 2018 successfully closed 2018 was the 40th anniversary of the founding of Wanhua. Wanhua made great progress in all aspects in 2018 and successfully closed the customs.

First, Wanhua completed the overall listing, laying an important institutional foundation for future leapfrog development, and the company completed the integration of BC Company. The US project was officially announced and the internationalization strategy was quickly implemented.

In terms of technological innovation, the company’s research and development expenses in 2018 reached 1.6 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 30%. The company applied for a total of 424 domestic and foreign invention patents. The MDI industry chain has steadily implemented three MDI device intelligence and technological transformation and expansion programs.In addition, the company has also set up new platforms such as synthetic biology, electrochemistry, battery materials, information materials, etc., for rapid forward-looking research and layout for the future. In terms of markets, the company has expanded the development of overseas markets for MDI, and its export share has further increased.In terms of production and operation, continue to deepen the safety management and cost management of Yantai and Ningbo production bases, and the Meishan base has also been officially launched in 2018; in terms of management innovation, further pioneering in safety management, operational excellence, and corporate culturejobs.

(1) Polyurethane products continue to strengthen synergy: The company’s polyurethane products achieved revenue of 309.

52 ppm, a 10-year increase3.

75% of the existing MDI production capacity of 210 subsidies, is the company’s main source of income; and plans to increase production capacity of Yantai Industrial Park 50 replacement, Ningbo Industrial Park increased production capacity 30 replacement, and plans to invest in the United States to build 40 cutting-edge MDI devices andIntegrated supporting factories.

In 2018, the company’s polyurethane output (isocyanates, polyols, combined polyethers, etc.) reached 187.

42 for the first time, with an annual increase of 2.

99%, Yantai and Ningbo Industrial Park MDI integration project operating rate reached 87.

15%, 77.


In addition, isocyanate and polyol have a strong synergistic effect. The company has gradually become a full-scale polyol manufacturer in China; and the 成都桑拿网 company’s annual output of 30 tons of TDI devices has been put into production at the end of 2018. Wanhua has become an important TDI supplier in the industry.

(2) Perfect industrial layout of petrochemical products: The company’s petrochemical products revenue reached 189.

08 million yuan, an annual increase of 23.


Relying on the advantages of technological innovation, based on butyl primary derivatives such as acrylic acid / butanol / ethylene oxide, the company has developed the super absorbent resin SAP, neopentyl glycol NPG, and polyether multicomponent with unique advantages of Wanhua.Alcohol, MIBK, isophorone and other high value-added fine products have become important domestic starch and derivative manufacturers; they have also entered the isobutene and derivatives field through world-class PO / MTBE devices.

In the future, the company will involve more downstream high value-added derivative products of diabetes and become an important supplier of alternatives and derivatives in China.

The company’s existing 75-inch formaldehyde, 36-inch butyl acrylate, and 26-inch butyl epoxy resin are under preparation. The 100-ton / year ethylene joint unit is planned to be completed by the end of 2020.

(3) Rapid growth of fine chemicals and new materials: The company’s fine chemicals and new materials achieved revenue 57.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.


The new materials business continues to expand as the company’s industrial chain, producing high value-added products, weakening the industry’s gradual and important part, and developing rapidly in the long run.The company’s first phase 7 budget / year PC project has been put into production in January 2018. At present, the second phase 13 indicator / year project is under construction. After completion, it will form a new pillar industry with high-end engineering plastics PC as its core.

The company’s 5 preliminary / year MMA projects and 8 indicators / year PMMA projects have been put into production in early 2019, and many of its products have reached European and Japanese mainstream product levels.

The global demand for special isocyanates (HDI, H12MDI, IPDI) is nearly 30 tons, which are mainly used in automotive coatings and other fields. The company’s products have been recognized by major customers worldwide.

The special amine business is a unique business platform built by the company based on the hydrogenation technology platform. Part of the products are supplied to the special isocyanate customers within the company, and some of the exports are mainly for the high-end epoxy resin curing agent market.

2.Accelerating 2019 in 2019, the polyurethane industry has made a good start. In the first quarter, the price continued to rise due to the downstream replenishment. In 2019, the only Wanhua in the world had supplementary MDI power generation, which was affected by the centralized maintenance in the second quarter.The easing of downstream demand has improved, and MDI prices have remained relatively high.

In 2019, the company plans to realize sales revenue of 73 billion yuan (after the merger, it is basically the same as 2018).

2019 is the first year of the company’s overall listing. The company will work in accordance with the idea of “grasping reform, consolidating the foundation, controlling costs, and seeking the future”.

The scale of the company should continue to accelerate the construction and layout of the project, and improve the company’s international competitiveness. In 2019, the million-tonne ethylene project entered the peak period of construction.Improve and perfect the warehouse logistics system, technology center, and service center; replace, supplement more research and development resources, and constantly occupy the commanding heights of new chemical material technology.

3. Investment rating and estimation Considering the overall asset injection after listing, we estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 122.

04, 148.

74, 171.

2.5 billion, with EPS of 3.

89, 4.

74, 5.

45, corresponding PE is 12, respectively.

03, 9.

87, 8.

57. Maintain the “Highly Recommended” rating.

4. Risk warning: MDI prices are highly volatile, and the project’s production progress is less than expected; the risk of M & A projects reaching their promised performance; and oil price fluctuations.

Anheng Information (688023): Integrate the big security blueprint with platform capabilities

Anheng Information (688023): Integrate the big security blueprint with platform capabilities

The company released a report on 2019 results and gradually realized operating income9.

45 ppm, an increase of 50 in ten years.

85%, achieve net profit attributable to mother 0.

94 ppm, 21 per year.

74%, net profit after deduction is 0.

81 ‰, 40 per year.


The company’s profit growth rate is lower than the income growth rate, mainly because the company is still in a rapid growth period, due to high R & D and market-related investment.

  Anheng ranks among the top A-share cybersecurity companies in terms of growth. Three major factors have driven the company to accelerate its growth.

The company’s revenue growth rate for the three years from 2016 to 2019 remained at about 50%, highlighting the company’s growth far exceeding the industry average.

The source of the company’s high growth mainly lies in: 1) the drive of two new tracks of security platform and security services; more than half of the company’s business is distributed on security platforms (situation awareness, big data security analysis platform, cloud resource pool, cloudManagement platform, etc.) and security services (security consulting, etc., SECaaS, city operation center, etc.) on the two high-growth tracks; 2) the incremental space brought by the horizontal expansion of product lines.

The company’s product line is now continuously developing from application security to data security, security management platforms, and cloud, large, physical, and intellectual related security areas.

3) The overall network security industry is at a high point of prosperity: domestic security policies are accelerating, with overlapping guarantees2.

0, the impact of a series of factors such as key infrastructure protection regulations, domestic substitution, and the start of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

  With the platform’s ability to build a big security blueprint, the company’s development has entered the second phase.

In the first stage, the company, as a domestic application security leader, is ranked in the top three in the industry in WAF, database audit, log audit and other sub-segments. Although it still belongs to medium-sized manufacturers in terms of volume, the brand and influence in the industry have already enteredThe first-line baseline has formed a competitive advantage centered on application security.

At present, the company’s development has entered the second stage. Based on the capabilities of the security platform and supported by security services, the company’s overall network security solution will gradually grow into a right-hand vendor in the network security industry.

  Investment logic: As a high-growth security vendor, the company expects to achieve revenue of 13 in 20/21.


1 ppm, corresponding to PS12 / 9X, is given a “recommended” rating.

  Risk reminder: the risk of intensified competition in the industry; the risk that the expansion of the channel does not meet the expectations; the risk that the policy does not meet the expectations.

Create sexy legs like Latin dance

Create sexy legs like Latin dance

With both hands holding the opening, move your right foot diagonally forward and out of the subdivision.

At this point the center of gravity is on the right foot.

Straighten the positive pole and tighten the elbow firmly.

  Step A: Hold your hands in the air, and step your right foot diagonally forward to the left.

At this point the center of gravity is on the right foot.
Straighten the positive pole and tighten the elbow firmly.

  Step B: Move your left toe to the bottom of your right foot. When sliding, keep your left foot off the ground, raise your toe to the ground, and bend your left.

Tighten your elbows when moving your left foot.

  Step C: After the left foot is moved, the body twists to the right, and the left foot is slightly inclined forward to the right.

Straighten the positive pole and focus on your left foot.

  Step D: Drag the right foot in the back to the left foot in the same way as in step B, and tighten your shoulders.

  This exercise can exercise the front muscles of the thighs, restore firmness, reduce the thigh circumference, burn excess aunts in the thighs, and raise the hips.

  Note 1.

In the case of poor breathing, take a break before deciding whether to continue.


Don’t be too crazy, twist your waist too much, and hurt your fragile waist.

The waist should be moved within a comfortable range, otherwise you have to pour electricity for half an hour beside the Zhou Lin spectrum analyzer when you go home.


Latin passion is strong, many people will jump into forgetfulness, but please note that if you feel insufficient, such as leg fatigue and cramps, local body pain, dizziness, excessive heart rate, etc., you should stop practicing.


The joints should not be too tight, and the body should relax the shoulder joints when stepping.


When flexing the movement, it is considered that Latin dance does not require high upper body movements. It is recommended to learn foot movements before adding arm movements.

Six mediocre self-harming minds in the workplace

Six mediocre self-harming minds in the workplace

Core tips: There is a lot of pressure on social competition, and many of them will cause a lot of bad psychological problems in the workplace. Some of them are psychologically disturbing. We don’t need to worry about it. Do you know it?

  As the competition in the society is becoming more and more fierce, the work pressure on people is also increasing.

Of course, many bad psychological problems will occur in the workplace. Many of these psychological problems are self-inflicted, so you don’t need to worry about them at all.

Let’s take a look at these psychological issues of the workplace that we are worried about.

  One, “I’m worried that others have opinions about me.

“It’s a good thing to evaluate and watch what other people think of you, but you don’t have to pay too much for this.

  Second, “I’m easily upset and emotional like a roller coaster.

“This does not mean that you have inattention, you may just need to rest.

  Third, “When I have a headache, I think whether there is a physical problem.

“Pay attention to your physical feelings, this is normal, as long as you don’t rush to the emergency room because of a little pain.

  Fourth, “I am extremely lacking in self-confidence and live a depressing day.

“You don’t have to worry. Maybe you’re a good person.

To build self-confidence, just focus on everything you do.

  Five, “I have too many things to think about. Every day in my head is a mess.

“It’s normal to think too much, you can always ask yourself,” Is this really important?

Do I need that much energy?

“This exercise will gradually wake you up.

  Six, “I always have insomnia, thinking about the next day.

“Most people experience insomnia from time to time. Before going to bed, take some time to make a plan for tomorrow, so you don’t have to think in bed.

Fixing makeup is difficult to deal with skin problems easily

Fixing makeup is difficult to deal with skin problems easily

In the cold winter, the skin must resist the bad weather and also deal with the dry indoor environment.

How can you have healthy skin without requiring too much tedious work?

In addition to doing basic maintenance sooner or later, what other methods can make the skin glow?

The editor has collected a variety of beautiful skin secrets for you, so that you can easily deal with winter skin problems!

  Grace and temperature always seem to be the enemy, letting women who look beautiful in autumn and winter lose sight of this.

Women who want grace but not temperature often frighten men. Are they stockings and skirts in subzero weather? Are they not made of flesh?


Wherever it is said that women carry more cold than men, it is better to say that women have more skills than men.

Those little tricks full of thought can completely ensure that you are beautiful and warm.


Red face VS cold wind to warm your ears and look good for people with sensitive skin. In the winter, the cold wind blows, the little face turns red.

Although it can be covered with foundation, after all, the symptoms are not permanent.

In addition to rebuilding the skin network with anti-red blood essence or cream, Chinese medicine experts recommend a super simple method: rubbing the ears as soon as the face becomes red.

You know, most of the acupoints of the human body are hidden in the ears. Rubbing it directly can quickly improve the blood circulation, and the red and frozen red face will soon warm up.

In short, as long as the ears are kept warm, good looks naturally will not go far.

  ① BURT’S BEES Little Bee Purple Grass Cream 38 yuan is called “universal oil” baby, in addition to our acne, swelling effect, is also a famous antifreeze cream.

Applying it on the ears that are most prone to freezing in winter can prevent frostbite and indirectly get good looks.

  ② Avene Red Moisturizing Repair Cream SPF10 198 yuan. Its effect is to enhance the skin’s capillaries and elasticity.

At the same time, the treatment can correct skin tone, the creamy moisture is high, and it can protect sensitive skin.


Base makeup VS face 3 coup tricks to make makeup difficult in the dry autumn and winter, if you do not quickly put on makeup after skin care, there will be uneven makeup push or even peeling.

There are several ways to deal with this embarrassment: either move faster, after applying the last layer of cream, and before it is “eaten” clean, you can immediately apply base makeup with the cream lubricating; unless you just slow it down, put your handsAfter rubbing the heat, cover the entire palm with your face for a few seconds, and it will be very easy to apply makeup.

If you are not troublesome, use a hot water spray sponge to squeeze it out, and then apply the liquid foundation (the more the temperature rises, the more comfortable it is). This is also one of the makeup secrets that makeup artists don’t want to reveal!

  ⑤ Uemura Hide Pentagonal Sponge 45 yuan sponge is very thick and has small holes. The shape is easy to reach the corners of the face, whether it is dry or wet.

  ⑥ Taiwan Yonghe Sanmei Makeup Sponge is 8 yuan in size and is very soft and full of elasticity. After spraying, fold it in half with your fingers and apply the powder perfectly.


The secret of short skirts vs low-temperature warming with body milk. In winter, do you not want to abandon the beauty of skirts?

The stockings and skirt made the boy tremble.

However, this is not good for the body, and the cold weather accumulates over time and is susceptible to arthritis.

Beauty editors also wear short skirts, but we protect ourselves even more.

Before going out, apply a “heat-generating” body cream containing ginger, cinnamon, or black pepper to apply heat to the joints.

If you do n’t want to invest again, and the body milk on hand is also plump, you can add a little essential oil to DIY a bottle of warm body milk.

Add 1 drop of ginger or 1 drop of black pepper (maximum 2 drops) to each dosage and blend.

  ③ Greenleaf Ginger Tea Body Milk 229 Yuan contains hot-making ginger and antioxidant white tea. It is thick and hot on the skin, and it feels warm.

  ④ OrientRetreat Ginger Lime Body Milk 280 Yuan combines the warmth of ginger and the vitality of Lime. Although the name is “milk”, it is actually very plump. It feels warm after applying all over the body, and it doesn’t matter if you wear one less.


Body temperature VS aunt soaking feet to discuss a “thin body temperature” As the saying goes, autumn harvest and winter hiding, winter is the easiest to hoard your aunt, do you know why?

The latest research found that when body temperature was at 36.At 7 ° C, the aunt in the body burns most easily.

In winter, the body temperature is easy to be low, and it is not easy to burn.

If you want to keep your temperature at an optimal 36.

At 7 ° C, experts recommend a home method: Soak your feet in hot water at 38 ° C-40 ° C for 5 minutes to get the ideal “thin body temperature”.

It’s actually quite simple, isn’t it?

  ① Ruisha Lavender Herbal Bath Salt 60 yuan is better when you soak your feet. This bath salt contains lavender and geranium essential oil ingredients, which can also beautify the skin while promoting blood circulation.

  ② Herborist soothing bath salt 45 yuan soothing formula of Chinese herbal medicine essence, can clear the pulse, soothing meridians.

After taking a bath, you will feel soothed and relaxed, and the load of your mind will be swept away.


Low temperature VS dry pre-heating lotion absorbs faster. It seems that the lower the temperature, the easier the skin becomes “thirsty.”

Obviously, I have changed the nourishing and high-moisture cream, but I still can’t!

Looking deeper, it is actually the low temperature that slows down the process of “waking up” the active ingredients of the cream!

Therefore, before covering your skin with cold lotion, you may wish to pour out some warmth in the palm of your hand, or use a hair dryer to preheat it (for 10 seconds from 10 cm hot air).

When the cream becomes moisturized, the application process will be more enjoyable, and the skin will “eat” particularly quickly.

  ① Lanxi Bi natural organic body lotion (exclusive sale by Sephora) 218 yuan may be the reason for the special addition of African casein resin, the application feels particularly delicate and light.

There are two kinds of scent of lavender and verbena to choose from, which are both girls’ favorite flavors. The scent is more intense after heating.

  ② Dior Skin Rejuvenating and Restoring Body Tightening Cream 1200 yuan pink creamy texture, after absorption seems to form a layer of breathable protective film on the skin surface, soft and smooth.

It absorbs in a circle after heating, and absorbs particularly quickly.


The small movement of the scarf VS hair guarantees that a scarce scarf will bring warmth, and it will also make the short ends of the hair become fluffy and dry. Antistatic hair spray can solve this problem.

However, it should be sprayed before wearing the scarf (including the scarf and hair), and it will be very convincing if you just pinch it with your hands.

Also don’t forget this little action: curl your hair with one hand and wear a scarf around your neck with one hand.

Instead of taking a scarf and then pulling out the hair, the hair that has just been taken care of will instantly become frizzy.

  ① Shifen Beirun Nutrient Water 32 yuan unique nutrient water can evenly cover the surface of the hair, which can show a healthy luster while preventing static electricity.

  ② Watson’s Deep Hair Nourishing Spray 32.

9 yuan A water-milk mixed spray with a natural lavender fragrance. The upper layer is cashmere essence and the lower layer is transparent moisturizing essence.

Shake well before use, spray directly on the hair after fully mixing, moisturizing and anti-static.


Hats vs. stable hair roots are not afraid of cold weather. Hats are an important winter prop for commuting.

But you can’t always stand in the office, right?

Flattened hair when taking off the hat is a loss!

In this case, you can wet the hair root in the bathroom, and then spray the hair root with a styling product and lift it up.

This method seems simple, but there is one important point to master: the styling product must be applied to the fingertips, and it is easy to apply to the roots when it is pulled into the hair.

As long as the hair roots are stabilized, no major “oppression” will be feared.

  ①DHC hair styling foam (powerful type) 80 yuan can not only care for damaged hair, but also quickly shape the hairstyle as you like.

If you need to wear a hat, it is especially recommended for this powerful type. It is sweat- and moisture-resistant, not stiff and greasy, and has a faint fragrance.

  ② Schwarzkopf water-based modeling?

Curry 49 yuan is also called “Yanyan of Drunk Cool Party”. It has fruit milk flavor and lasting resistance. You don’t have to worry about being squashed by your hat, but it can also add shine to your hair.


Leather VS Fragrance Warm Fragrance is more for autumn and winter than leather. There are too many people who like to wear leather. If you like to use fragrance at the same time, troubles will follow.
The thick leather coat prevents the perfume from emitting, or produces a strange smell when mixed with perfume. What should I do?
The perfumer’s suggestion is to choose a warm leather scent directly, or perfumes based on iris and leather flowers will match the leather clothes very well.

If you don’t want to invest in another bottle of perfume at all, spray your favorite perfume on your scarf or neck and neck, and the bounce when walking will naturally radiate from the head, and will not be covered by the smell of skin.

  ① Guerlain Fig Iris Eau de Toilette The elegant and delicate iris tone, if it meets the skin, it will collide with a harmonious powdery tone, which is very flavorful.

  ②The pleasant leather scent of KellyCalèche perfume, spraying it can even cause the fine texture and soft touch of the leather, which is a perfect match for the leather clothes you wear.

Very important professional EQ training courses

Very important professional EQ training courses

Professional quality is the basic qualities that a certain occupation of the military should have, including professional interests, professional personality, professional skills, and professional emotions. Among them, professional emotion is professional emotional intelligence.

Professional emotional quotient is the emotional performance that should be possessed by a certain profession. The level of professional emotional quotient directly determines and affects the development of other professional qualities, and affects the development of the entire career. Therefore, professional emotional quotient is the most important professional quality.The key to personal career development.

  In the workplace, whether in the military profession or in a position, “IQ decides whether to hire and EQ decides whether to be promoted” has become an important tenet for determining career development.

At present, when recruiting new employees, many companies are increasingly required to review and examine the emotional quality of applicants, and to test the applicants’ emotional intelligence through psychological tests or emotional intelligence tests.

The intellectual factors such as one’s knowledge, experience, and skills are important. However, after entering a unit, the key factor that affects and determines a person’s career development is the level of emotional intelligence. The success or failure of a person’s career is usually considered 20%.Depends on IQ factors, 80% depends on EQ factors.

  What is emotional intelligence and professional emotional intelligence?

  Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to control his and her emotions.

From the general connotation of emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence includes five aspects of emotional ability: (1) the ability to understand one’s emotions; (2) the ability to control one’s emotions; (3) the ability to self-motivate;) (4) to understand the emotions of othersAbility; (5) the ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships.

  Professional EQ is the specific performance of the above five aspects in the workplace and work. Professional EQ is more focused on understanding and grasping the work emotions of yourself and others, and how to handle interpersonal relationships in the workplace, which is a manifestation of professional emotional ability.
  How to improve your professional emotional intelligence?

  First, the cultivation of mentality is to understand your emotions at work in order to control your emotions and maintain a good working mentality.

The requirement of professional emotional intelligence for professional emotion is to maintain a positive working attitude.

What kind of work mentality is considered positive?

Positive work attitude is manifested in the following aspects: 1. Work status must be positive.

Come to work with energy every day, meet with colleagues and take the initiative to say hello and show a happy mood.

If anyone who comes to work meets you, you are a listless face. When you talk, you are weak and lack any feelings. You will never get the appreciation of your superiors and will not attract the favor of your colleagues.

  2. Work positively.

Being active means being proactive. Competent employees should achieve the following “five initiatives” in their work performance: ① proactively discover problems; ② proactively think about problems; ③ proactively solve problems; ④ proactively assume responsibility;

It is no exaggeration to say that achieving five initiatives is the five magic weapon for workplace employees to obtain high vocational and high salaries.

  3. Be positive in your work.

A positive work attitude means facing problems encountered at work and actively looking for ways to solve them, rather than trying to make excuses.

“The success and the excuse will never live under the same roof,” said Chen Anzhi, a master of success.

People who are used to making excuses will never succeed.

  4. Work positively.

Have strong self-confidence in your work, believe in your abilities and values, and affirm yourself.

Only those who work with sufficient conviction will fully tap their potential and earn more development potential for themselves.

  Second, the cultivation of the way of thinking should learn to control the negative emotions at work.

Controlling emotions means mastering the meaning of emotions and controlling emotions at two levels, not simply self-control.

Because controlling emotions is easy to say, it is often difficult to do it, and you even forget to control yourself when you encounter a problem of intense reaction to your emotions.

To control one’s emotions, one must also change his or her emotions towards things by changing his or her way of thinking, and look at the problem in a positive way of thinking, so that negative emotions can be automatically converted into positive ones, so as to achieve self-control of his own emotions.

  Cultivate positive thinking in the way you work.

A positive way of thinking is to deal with interpersonal relationships and things at work with an open mind, including multi-directional thinking, reverse thinking, lateral thinking, and forward thinking.

Understanding the emotions of others requires reverse thinking, that is, reverse thinking. The emotional quotient of reverse thinking is empathic thinking or empathic thinking. It is necessary to stand in the perspective of the other party and understand the inner feelings of the other party.

  Handling relationships with superiors, colleagues, and subordinates requires empathy.

For example, I worked hard to complete a job, and I wanted to get a positive praise from my superior. Unexpectedly, because of a little bit of error, I was denied and criticized by my superior, and I felt imbalanced and complained.Thinking from a superior’s point of view, as the superior wants the results of the subordinate’s work, and his hard work is not affirmed and there is nothing to be frustrated.

Dealing with co-worker relationships also requires empathy. From the perspective of others, no matter how incomprehensible a person is, he has his own inner cause and motivation. Only when he is good at understanding each other’s ideas from the perspective of the other person can he realize a win-win situationCommunication and build good interpersonal relationships.

  Third, habit cultivation The cultivation of good professional habits through the cultivation of mentality, thinking mode, and behavior is the only way to improve professional emotional intelligence and achieve breakthrough development.

To succeed, you must have the habit of a successful person.The key to changing bad habits is to break through your comfort zone.

The habit formed by a person is his comfort zone. To change bad habits, he must break through his own comfort zone, consciously find something awkward for himself, dare to apply some pressure for himself, and strive to break through his previous psychological comfort zone, Develop positive professional habits.

  To cultivate positive professional habits, you must break through the following psychological comfort zones: 1. Break through the emotional comfort zone: When you lose a long-term salary opportunity that should belong to you, you become restless and restless, and you want to find superior evaluation rules or “Talk about an argument “; when a subordinate does something wrong, you can’t help refusing to blame it; when the superior criticizes you, it is difficult for you to keep a smiley face, and emotions are human emotionsInstinctual response to external stimuli, but if you do not control negative emotions, often venting emotional outcomes is not good for you.

There are several kinds of negative emotions that should be absolutely avoided in the workplace: no and complaints, dissatisfaction and anger, resentment or hatred, insults, fear of failure, arrogance, etc. These are all fatal injuries that affect personal career development.

  There are many ways to regulate my emotions. The most important thing is to strengthen myself. My emotions in the workplace do not belong to me completely. I must control my emotions!

  2, break through communication comfort zone: each person’s character determines the temper of his different way of communicating with people, some people speak quickly made fast language, some people have this attitude, it also quiet, and some people love talking grabIn the limelight, they often interrupt the personality of others unconsciously. Some people are used to passively waiting for instructions from their superiors. Some people like to actively ask for and communicate when they encounter problems. Everyone is used to communicating with others in their own way.

  To achieve empathic communication, you must consciously change your usual communication style and learn to actively listen to each other.

Good job communication is not necessarily to convince the other party or to really understand the other party’s ideas.

Even when arguing, it must be a benign transformation of things that are not for people, and personal attacks and evil words cannot be conducted. This is the most important phenomenon to be avoided in interpersonal communication in the workplace.

  3. Break through the comfort zone of communication: People are used to interacting with people who have their tempers, so no matter what organization they are in, there are certain organizations and groups, which is normal.

However, in the workplace, people must deal with people in all organizations and external customers, and they must learn to adapt to different personalities.

Breaking through the comfort zone of communication is to consciously deal with people of different personalities, just like actively seeking to chat with people of different personalities.

Seems very simple, in fact, most people in the workplace are difficult to do.

Once you try to meet someone with a different personality, it seems like a small breakthrough, but it will help improve your workplace emotional intelligence.

  Fourth, a good work attitude and thinking mode of behavior cultivation must be reflected in work behavior.

At the same time, for your own work behavior, you must follow the following two basic action specifications: 1. Work behavior should be goal-oriented.

The first is to understand the company’s goals, and the second is to formulate clear personal goals and combine the company’s goals with the personal goals to form a joint force for professional development and advance each other.Personal goals to promote the development of the company’s career, this is a shortcut to achieve personal career development in the workplace.

  In some cases, personal long-term goals are not always consistent with the goals of the company you are serving now, but since you work for this company, you have to turn all your experiences into the wealth of your personal career development.Your personal stage goals must obey your work goals.

  2. Work behavior should be result-oriented.

To be result-oriented is to think about problems from the perspective of achieving results, and to do some of our own work from the perspective of completing results.

Results-oriented is both a method of thinking and a behavioral habit.

The only result-oriented approach is to pursue positive results and actively seek ways to achieve them.

If you face a job, if you think you are “unable” before you do it, and your thinking interferes with your ability, then you may not be able to do it.

Recommend you six blood supplements

Recommend you six blood supplements

Chinese medicine treatment of blood deficiency syndrome.

Also known as nourishing.

Is a tonic.

Blood deficiency syndrome is a symptom manifested by the loss of internal organs due to lack of blood.

Blood supply can make the organs of the viscera get enough blood support, and make the functions of the organs return to normal.

  Peanut Jujube Porridge 30 pieces of peanut rice, 10 red dates, rice porridge.

Each amount of sugar.

Peanut rice is peeled off, and boiled in six mature human red dates. The red dates are peeled, peeled, and pitted, and the peanuts are ground into a porridge.

Stir in sugar and serve immediately.

The function is to nourish the blood and nourish the spleen and lungs. It is suitable for anemia and thrombocytopenic purpura, and is immediately used as a usual health food.

  Chinese wolfberry steamed hen 20g Chinese wolfberry, 1 hen, proper seasoning.

Stir the wolfberry in the abdomen of the chicken, add the shallot segments, ginger, clear soup, salt, cooking wine, and pepper in the container, cover with steam for 2 hours and remove, add ginger, shallot, monosodium glutamate and other spices, drink soup and meat.

  The function is to nourish blood and nourish the liver and kidneys.

For dizziness, dizziness, dreaminess, forgetfulness, waist and knee weakness, and nocturnal emission due to liver and kidney deficiency.

  Angelica Boiled Eggs 9g Angelica, 2 eggs, 50g brown sugar.

Angelica decoction, take the juice, boil the eggs, cook, brown sugar and mix thoroughly.
2 times.

  The function is to nourish and regulate menstruation, especially for women with blood deficiency, irregular menstruation, or physical weakness.

  Chinese wolfberry Tremella tremella 20g, Chinese wolfberry 25g, rock sugar or white sugar 100g, 2 eggs.

After truncating the white fungus, remove the ditto head, wash the wolfberry and drain, and beat the eggs to clear.

Add water to the casserole, add egg white after boiling, sugar is evenly mixed, and then add wolfberry and white fungus when boiling, and simmer for a while.

  Function is nourishing and strengthening.

  Turtle for stewed turtles?
Two, slaughter and wash, remove viscera, head, claws, tortoise shells, and tortoise meat in a stew pot, add water, simmer in water, season with oil, salt, and other food.

The function is to benefit yin and blood, and is suitable for auxiliary treatment of yin deficiency, night sweats, hot flashes and other syndromes.

  Oatmeal Sesame Sugar 100g Oleum, 300g black sesame, 300g honey, rock sugar or white sugar.

Wash the black sesame seeds, stir-fry, and pour out the cooling and crushing.

Ophiopogon is washed, add half a bowl of water, and soak for 1 hour.

Add Ophiopogon and its infusion, sesame, honey, and rock sugar into a porcelain pot, cover, and steam for 3 hours under high heat and leave the fire.

  Function This sweet diet nourishes yin and blood, can strengthen the body and prolong life.

Spring Health Chuanbei Red Wine Stewed Sydney

Spring Health Chuanbei Red Wine Stewed Sydney

Spring is suitable for clear tonic, not too nourishing, Sichuan Chuanbei wine stewed Sydney is just right.

  Pear has been a favorite fruit of the masses since ancient times. It is slightly acidic, cold, and non-toxic. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs and cooling the heart, reducing inflammation, reducing fire, and detoxifying.

  Chuanbei can regulate cough and hotness caused by complicated work and crowded office environment. In addition, Sydney not only improves the taste, but also enhances the tonic effect.

  Red wine has the effect of nourishing face and accelerating blood circulation.

This dish has the functions of tonic, clear fire, dryness, soothe the nerves, and nourish blood. It is a good seasonal dessert.

  Ingredients: Chuanbei amount, Sydney (or fragrant pear, duck pear) 1 ingredient: 1 glass of red wine, 1 tablespoon of rock sugar, 1 bowl of waterThis can fully save time.

  First smash the Chuanbei, remove the core and cut it in half.

Put all ingredients in a saucepan and simmer over low heat.

The pear’s crystal clear jade color turned a little red under the influence of red wine and firepower. The cooking feeling was wonderful.

And in the kitchen, the fresh faint scent slowly diffused, giving people a kind of refreshing and cheerful.

  The fire can be turned off in an hour.

Don’t take them out immediately, let them stay still, and let them cool down a little bit. During this time, Chuanbei and rock sugar slowly penetrate into the pear flesh, and the taste is one.

  : The lid of the stew pot is already full of jade-colored ravioli. The rock sugar and Chuanbei have already been steamed with pear and juice, thick and look good.

  Although Chuanbei is a bit bitter, it has a very different taste from the delicate fragrance of pears, the sweetness of rock sugar, and the fruity aroma of red wine.

Use a spoon to put the pear into your mouth. First, there is a fragrance, without any greasiness. The sweet juice slips into your throat, and there is a slight sweetness in the lightness. At this time, your mind naturally calms down.

It takes a long time to get a bowl of good desserts, and you need to fine-tune them.

  Tip: It ‘s easy to buy too much food for the holidays, and there is food everywhere in the house, which will cause you to eat more, and it is easy to supplement your health.

So you have to buy daily and buy less each time. Like the French, you only eat fresh food and you can also exercise.