China Eastern Airlines (600115): International performance is eye-catching

China Eastern Airlines (600115): International performance is eye-catching

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report: realized revenue of US $ 114.9 billion, approximately + 13%, and net profit attributable to the mother 27.

1 ppm, ten years -57.

4%, net of non-attributed net profit of 19.

300 million, previously -57%; 18Q4 revenue of +11 per year.

7%, deducting non-attributed net profit can be recovered 2.3 billion (17Q4 changed to 11.

6 ‰), the expansion of Q4 dragged down performance.

International flight fare levels have rebounded significantly.

2018 company overall / domestic / international RPK + 10% / 10.

2% / 9.

6%, overall / domestic / international ASK + 8.

3% / 9.

2% / 6.

9%, achieving a load factor of 82.

29%, ten years +1.

23 points (domestic / international +0.


99 points), of which 18Q4 overall RPK / ASK + 10% / 11 respectively.

8%, load factor rating 0.

6 points, 18 reached the company’s oil-bearing passenger kilometers income level of 0.

538 yuan, +4 for the whole year.

1% (excluding oil +3.

5%), where domestic / international income levels are +4 respectively.

1% / 4.

3% (without oil +2.

8% / 4.

7%), international ticket prices have risen significantly.

We estimate that the company’s 18H1 / Q3 / Q4 fares are +3.

4% / + 5.

6% / + 3%, the narrowing of the fare growth rate in the 18Q4 quarter was mainly due to faster capacity growth (Q3 / Q4 ASK were +4 respectively.

7% / 8.


At the end of 18, the company’s fleet size was 692, and 67 were introduced, 14 were withdrawn, and a net increase of 53. The company expects a net increase of 59, 51, 8 aircraft in 19-21.

The cost of jet fuel has increased rapidly, and the cost of non-jet fuel per unit of ASK has fallen2.


In 18 years, the company’s fuel cost was 337 trillion, + 34% per year. At the same time, the average domestic fuel oil purchase price was + 27% per year. We estimated that the company’s fuel consumption would increase by +5.

3%, which is lower than the growth rate of capacity delivery, and the fuel consumption per unit of ASK decreased by 2.

8%, driving unit ASK fuel cost + 24%, the increase is lower than the increase in oil prices.

The company’s headquarters unit ASK non-oil cost half a year -2.6% (18H2 continues the H1 non-oil cost improvement trend), the company’s cost ratio of replacing financial expenses is 8.

5% per year -0.

5 points, the overall cost of the company is well controlled.

Imply that the exchange rate of non-profit expansion will increase by 11% for the whole year.

Due to the 18-year depreciation of RMB against USD and USD5.

4%, resulting in exchange losses of 21 for the company.

900 million US dollars (17 billion yuan exchange rate brought about 南宁桑拿 by the exchange rate of 2 billion US dollars, if the yuan against the US dollar 1% change, corresponding to the corresponding impact on net profit1.

7.8 billion US dollars, 19 years after the implementation of the new lease budget is expected to increase exchange sensitivity), the company’s current interest rate of USD resistance of 28.5 billion yuan, accounting for 21.

5% (previously downgraded by 6.

7 points), the company’s financial costs increase 46.

500 million, canceled exchange rate increased by 4.

US $ 600 million (mainly due to the increase in the average expenditure balance during the reporting period). Excluding the impact of foreign exchange and non-profit and loss, the company’s 18-year total profit reached approximately US $ 5.3 billion, an increase of + 11%.

The company’s asset disposal income in 2018 was 4.

US $ 9.6 billion. The previous actual increase was mainly due to the company’s relocation to a new office address and disposal of land from the original office address to generate revenue.

Investment suggestion: Against the background of the macroeconomic growth prospects, the performance of aviation demand has improved, the surrounding oil and exchange rates are relatively stable, and aviation ‘s 19-year performance improvement has improved certainty. We are optimistic about the performance of aviation in the peak season, and the company has a significant position in the main base region.The market share of first-line air routes is high, and EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.

56 yuan, 0.

69 yuan, 0.

87 元,对应PE为13x\10x\8x,维持“买入-A”评级。 Risk warning: Aviation demand is lower than expected, oil prices have increased sharply, and the real RMB has depreciated

Blum Oriental (601339) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Hedging Floating Losses and Investment Income Shifts Drag Down Performance and Capacity Releases Continue to Grow

Blum Oriental (601339) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Hedging Floating Losses and Investment Income Shifts Drag Down Performance and Capacity Releases Continue to Grow
Revenue / Net profit increased by +0 in 2018.77% /-10.30%.The decrease in foreign exchange gains and losses will stabilize the high floating losses of cotton futures hedging and the increase in investment income, which will affect the profit margin. In 2019, it is expected that Vietnam ‘s production capacity will continue to be released to drive revenue growth, and cotton price growth will bring performance flexibility. Revenue / Net profit increased by +0 in 2018.77% /-10.30%.The company’s 2018 revenue / net profit was 59.9.8 billion / 4.380,000 yuan, a year increase of +0.77% /-10.30%, EPS is 0.29 yuan.Among them, Q4 company realized revenue / net profit of 14 respectively.4 billion / -27.67 million yuan, with an increase in revenue of 3.78%.From a profit perspective, the company’s overall gross profit margin increased by 1.96PCT to 19.47%, the management / sales expense ratio decreased by 0.07/0.50PCT to 4.80% / 2.25%.Finance expense ratio in exchange loss gains from 2017 loss1.Under the influence of a conversion of US $ 5.9 billion to a revenue of US $ 380 million, a significant decrease1.70PCT to 2.79%.However, net gains and losses from changes in fair value increased by 33.17 million yuan and investment income decreased by one.Under the influence of 37 trillion, the company’s net interest rate fell by 0 in 2018.90PCT to 7.29%. The main industry’s overall volume and price remained stable, and overseas growth continued.The company’s main business income increased by 1.40% to 57.30 ppm, the company released 200,000 spindles in Vietnam in 2018, and the total yarn output increased by 10.29% to 18.73 initial.In terms of volume and price, yarn sales only increased slightly.08%, and the inventory at the end of this period increased by 26.92% to 3.Initial 95; unit price of yarn as a whole remained stable and product structure was upgraded.By region, China’s territorial income also increased by -8.36% to 28.850,000 yuan; China’s overseas income increased by 13.67% to 28.4.5 billion, of which Vietnam Blum revenue / net profit increased by 18 respectively.76% / 7.97% to 24.6.3 billion / 2.7.1 billion yuan. Foreign exchange gains and losses made up for the impact of the high floating losses and losses of the cotton futures hedging and the increase in investment income, and the company’s net profit decreased.30%.(1) The company’s cotton futures construction costs were higher in 2018, and the cotton price rose later than expected. The overall position recorded a floating loss of 71.09 million yuan, which affected the current profit of approximately 61.3 million yuan.Investment income ranking decreased by 1 in 2017.100,000 yuan, resulting in a decrease in the expected investment income1.3.7 billion.(3) The company achieved exchange gains of approximately 3.8 million yuan in 2018, which is equivalent to January 厦门夜网 2017.59 trillion exchange losses, thickening profits1.6.3 billion.If the one-time impact of maintaining the warehouse scale is eliminated, the net profit in 2018 will actually be a low single-digit growth. Looking forward to 2019, Vietnam’s capacity will continue to be released to drive revenue growth, and cotton price growth is expected to bring performance elasticity.On the revenue side, in 2019, Blum Vietnam is expected to have 200,000 spindles in production. By the first half of 2020, the 500,000 ingots in Zone B will be fully put into operation, and the Vietnamese capacity will reach 1 million.On the profit side, the cotton price in 2019 is expected to show an upward trend, which is expected to drive yarn prices higher. At the same time, the cotton futures hedging floating loss is also expected to rewind and bring performance flexibility to the company.At the same time, the exchange rate opening narrowed, and the estimated exchange rate risk was controlled.As a whole, the company’s net profit is expected to increase by 10% -20% in 2019. Risk factors: 1.Price fluctuations of raw materials; 2. RMB exchange rate; 3.Expansion of foreign capacity did not meet expectations. Investment suggestion: The company’s advantages as a domestic leader in color spinning are continuously strengthened. In 2018, its net profit will be replaced by the effects of hedging floating losses and reduced investment income.Taking into account the operating conditions in 2018 and the company’s future capacity release and the performance flexibility brought by hedging / exchange, the EPS forecast for 2019/2020 is reduced to zero.35/0.38 yuan (previous forecast was 0.45/0.52 yuan), plus the EPS forecast for 2021 is 0.42 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

TCL Group (000100): LCD supply and demand raised to “Outperform Industry”, which led to a rebound in performance

TCL Group (000100): LCD supply and demand raised to “Outperform Industry”, which led to a rebound in performance

Investment suggestion We upgrade TCL Group’s rating to “Outperform Industry” and raise our target price by 32% to 5.

28 yuan, including Huaxing Optoelectronics (3.

80 yuan / share), investment business (1.

20 yuan / share), Hanlinhui (0.

28 yuan / share), corresponding to 2 in 2020.

0 times BVPS, which is 20 compared with the previous one.

3% growth space.

We believe that 1) the investment cycle of the LCD industry is nearing its end, and the withdrawal of production capacity of Korean factories will lead to an improvement in supply and demand in 2020; 2) the company’s T4 OLED production line capacity climbing progress gradually reached our expectations, and customer introduction will be achieved in 2020.

The reasons are as follows: The withdrawal of production capacity at the Korean factory will drive supply and demand to improve in 2020: Imagine that we raise the target price to 6 in BOE A:

“00 Yuan” pointed out that, driven by LGD and Samsung ‘s substantial expansion of LCD production capacity, global LCD panel supply and demand are expected to gradually improve. The unit price of large-size panels will stop falling in November 2019. We expect the unit price to start from March 2020.Expected to start rising.

The company’s LCD 11th generation line T6 has reached full production in 4Q19, and another 11th generation line T7 is expected to begin mass production in 2021. We expect that the company’s semiconductor display business will be driven by 2020 with the expansion of production capacity and unit price recovery.Revenue / Net profit is expected to increase by 43% / 151%, and gross profit margin is expected to increase by 3.

At the same time, the depreciation of the T1 and T2 production lines of the conversion company has gradually decreased. We expect that the company’s depreciation expenses will be reduced by USD 1 / 1.2 billion in 2019/20, further improving profitability.

OLED production line production capacity is expected to climb slopes. Pay attention to customer introduction progress in 2020: TCL currently has a flexible AMOLED production line in Wuhan T4 with a designed production capacity of 45K / month. Each production line will be fully sold and the yield rate will reach 100%.The production line can metabolize about 100 million mobile phone panels (converted to 6 inches) in one year. The current production capacity is 15K / month, and mass production replacement has begun in December.

The company’s T4 production line will focus on foldable, under-screen photography, extremely narrow bezels and other differentiated advantages. At present, the company has approached major Android manufacturers and submitted samples for verification. We expect that the number of OLEDs in 2020/21 is expected to reach 7.2 / 16.2 million.Investors are advised to keep an eye on the latest developments introduced by the company’s customers.

OLED production line production capacity is expected to climb slopes. Pay attention to customer introduction progress in 2020: TCL currently has a flexible AMOLED production line in Wuhan T4 with a designed production capacity of 45K / month. Each production line will be fully sold and the yield rate will reach 100%.The production line can 深圳桑拿网 metabolize about 100 million mobile phone panels (equivalent to 6 inches) in one year. The current production capacity of the first phase is 15K / month. We expect that the OLED replacement volume will reach 720 / 16.2 million in 2020/21. Investors are advised to pay attentionUpdates from company customers.

What makes us different from the market?

We are more optimistic that the recovery of the large-size LCD industry will boost the company’s performance.

Potential catalyst: OLED customer introduction progress is more than expected.

Earnings forecasts and estimates Considering that LCD prices have stopped falling and that AMOLED has begun to change, we will increase our revenue for 2019/20 by 3% / 2%, and increase our net profit for 2019/20 by 10% / 11%, respectively.

We give the company a target price of 5 based on the segment valuation method.

28 yuan, including Huaxing Optoelectronics (3.

80 yuan / share), investment business (1.

20 yuan / share), Hanlinhui (0.

28 yuan / share).

Huaxing Optoelectronics target price basis 2.

3x Huaxing Optoelectronics returns to its parent’s net assets.

Based on the past estimated interval experience of BOE, we give Huaxing Optoelectronics 0.


Upper limit of 4-fold interval 2.

The 3x P / B ratio reflects the increase in profitability brought by the upward cycle and the pricing of assets has been improved.

Risks South Korea’s production capacity exit is worse than expected

Looking at health from your face teaches you to look at disease through your face

Looking at health from your face teaches you to look at disease through your face

No complexion, pale complexion, and other complexions can actually grind our health. From the face, health has existed since ancient times, because the face is one of the reflection areas of our body. Let ‘s take a look today.Looking at health, how to adjust your face, I hope it can help everyone.

  Looking at the healthy face from the face can reflect our physical condition, including heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, and let’s take a look.

  1. The reflex area of the reproductive system is in people and around the lips.

If a woman has a mole under her lips, a cripple, a red jaw, and a relatively reflective area of her kidneys, it means that the person has a backward uterus and a sore waist.

If a woman has moles, cripples around her lips, and the kidney reflex area is not good, or the woman’s lips are blue, black or white, and the kidney’s reflex area is not good, these two conditions generally prove that the person reproducesThere is a problem with the system.

If a woman has a mule, it is usually a disease in her womb.

If a man has moles, cripples, and kidney reflex areas that are not good last week, it means that the person has a problem with the reproductive system.

If the upper lips of a man over 40 years old are thicker, the prostate may be enlarged; if the upper lips have acne, and those who are healthy and born, may be prostatitis.

The male upper lip is uneven and has grooves, which is male reproductive dysfunction, and the redness on both sides of the male upper lip is also prostatitis.

  2. The heart reflection area is at the bridge of the nose between the corners of the eyes, where the horizontal stripes or stripes are more obvious, which proves that the arrhythmia or the heart condition is not good; if the horizontal stripes appear deep and there are deep vertical stripes on the tongue(Ditch), there may be a more serious heart disease.

Offenders generally have a small bowel function; they can also cause diseases such as blood vessels, brain, thyroid, and parathyroid glands.

Wrinkles in the lower ear and lips are coronary heart disease, and purple lips are a heart disease.

  3. The brain reflex area is between the two eyebrows. If vertical lines appear here, the vertical lines are very deep and the area is red.Irritability and so on.

  4. Is the chest and chest healthy? The face can also be trimmed, so what kind of changes on the face indicate that the chest is unhealthy?

  The reflection area is between the corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose.

If this part of the man is obscure or dark, it means that his chest is tight and short of breath.

If the woman is obscured or dark in this area, it means that her breasts are tender during menstruation.

There are spots on the upper eyelids, and acne-like symptoms in this part of the boil or closed eyes, indicating that there is lobular hyperplasia in women’s breasts and pleurisy in men.

If there is a small packet in the corner of the eye of a woman, it means that the woman has hyperplasia of the breast or mastomas.

  5. The liver reflex area is between 1/2 of the two eyebrows and above the temple, 1/3 of the forehead, and the middle of the bridge of the nose (that is, the highest point of the bridge of the nose).

If these two parts are dark or spotty, and the person is younger or richer boss or officer, it may be auntie liver.

If there are acne (pimple) in these two areas or one of them, it proves that the person is hot.

If there are spots on the temples, the liver function is weak.

If there is a spot on the bridge of the nose, it may be that the liver is fierce, the mood is unstable, and menopause.

If there are obvious classes in both places, and the face is dull and gloomy, it looks ugly, and the person is relatively thin, which means that the person has liver disease.

There is a mole in the center of the eyebrow, the eyes are yellow, and the complexion is very yellow.

It may be cancer or tumor from the nose to the nose!

  6, the spleen reflex area in the nose.

If the nose is red or rosacea or the nose is swollen, it is proved that the spleen is hot or splenomegaly. It usually feels heavy head, face pain, upset, etc.

If the nose has yellow or white hair, it is spleen deficiency, and there will be excessive sweating, fear of wind, lazy limbs, burnout, and indulgence.

  7. Lung and lung health have always been known to us. When there is a problem in the lungs, what will happen to the face?

  (Respiratory system, throat, trachea, tonsils, etc.): The reflection area is between 1/2 of the eyebrows; the position of 1/3 below the forehead.

If the middle of the forehead is relatively concave, and the color is dull, or is blue, or has spots, it means that the person has a lung disease and is not breathing.

If there are ulcers, mules, or whitish spots on both eyebrows, the person has a pharynx.

Laryngitis, or tonsillitis, or chest tightness, shortness of breath, or lung disease.

There is a prediction of the upper part of the brow, and there is also a lung disease.

People with poor lung function generally have poor bowel function.

  How to adjust the face is not good 1, how to adjust the yellow face Cause: spleen and stomach.  Conditioning: intake of sugar, regular diet.

  ① Placing a glass of water or a cactus in front of the computer can effectively prevent radiation.

Minimize sitting at the computer.

  ② You must go to sleep before 12 o’clock. Effective sleep can ensure that certain functions of the body function normally. Exercise more often and sweat more, which can effectively eliminate toxins and effectively improve the problem of yellowing.

  ③ Eat more foods such as red dates, stewed lotus seeds, jujube, longan and other blood tonic.

  ④ If you don’t need to lose weight, eat more sweets, chocolates and cakes.

  2. How to adjust the cause of blushing: liver and gallbladder.

  Conditioning: Eat sour foods, stay angry, and soak your feet in hot water.

  ① Being angry or nervous can hurt the liver. Try to maintain a calm and peaceful mind.

It is important to maintain a good mood.

  ② Eat more cereals, such as glutinous rice, black rice, and sorghum.

Eat more yellow-green, sour foods, such as spinach, rape, celery, orange, etc.

  ③ The recovery of the liver and the purification of blood are performed during sleep, so the liver should fall asleep before 23:00.

  3, how to adjust the cause of redness: cardiovascular.

  Conditioning: Eat bitter food, calm down.

  ① It is important to keep a good mood.

  ② Try not to use cosmetics containing heavy metals to avoid pigmentation and toxins remaining on the epidermis.

  ③ Frequently massage red blood cells, promote blood flow, and enhance capillary elasticity.

Hot red blood capillaries can be used cold to reduce facial fever and swelling.

  ④ Avoid sudden changes from cold places to hot places, or from hot places to cold places, causing red blood cells to worsen.

  ⑤ Eat bitter foods such as bitter gourd.

Taboo spicy, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, fat sea, liquorice drink.

  4, how to adjust the cause of darkening: kidney.

  Conditioning: Eat seafood properly and drink warm water.

  ① Patients with dark faces must pay attention to cleaning the facial skin and eat more detox food in life.

  ② For netizens who often use computers, be sure to remember to use a cream, and apply a small amount of topical VE emulsion on the spot.

  ③ Add more vitamins A, C, E to fruits and vegetables, eat watermelon, apple, lemon squeezed juice, eat cooked carrots more.

  5. How to adjust the cause of blushing: lung and large intestine.

  Conditioning: eat spicy food such as mustard, onion, mint.

  ① Make up for what you lack, eat more nuts, fruits, beans, fish, chicken and other foods.

If necessary, eat red dates and wolfberry.

  ② Multi-use mint tea.

  ③ Put more green onions for cooking, you can cook onion and white porridge to adjust skin tone.

  ④ It is recommended to eat lean meat, supplement iron, and eat vitamin C.

  Summary: The face can help us better judge our physical health. From the change of face color, it can allow us to trim the health of the body. Therefore, if there is an abnormal change in our face, we must pay attention to it and check the body.Cause health damage.

5 ways to quickly tie your heart

5 ways to quickly tie your heart

No matter whether it is a man or a woman, their psychology will not change their opinions and will like new tricks.

Therefore, occasionally change your mind, change your style, put on makeup, so that you always have a new look in the eyes of men, and have different feelings and freshness every day.

Only the feelings of freshness can last longer.

  In terms of dress, many women began to dress themselves up as young as students, in order to evoke the passion of her husband in love.

“No, I just don’t want it,” “Why are you doing this?

“Bad, bad, good or bad,” etc. These are Hong Kong-style coquettish languages. Many women now apply all the knowledge of Hong Kong and Taiwan to the best of their ability, and make full use of the coquetry language of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  No man can resist the coquettishness that can stop a woman. Just look at Lin Zhiling’s “嗲” and let many men fall for it.

Different women have different styles when they are coquettish, there are pear blossoms with rain, there are puppets, there are rogue spatters, there are puppets, etc. In short, mastering the skills of coquetry, women who coquettish let men immediately surrender.

  We teach you 5 love tricks that will quickly tie your heart to a man.

  First, pretend to be stupid Many women have a crux in their hearts, that is, her husband does not go home or does not go home on time.

These men would use the excuses of socializing outside or gathering with colleagues as excuses not to go home.

Women know the real reason why their husbands don’t go home, but they don’t blindly ask, but pretend to believe their husbands.

  They would sympathize on the phone, “My husband, you have worked hard, don’t drink too much, pay attention to your body, come back early, I boil soup.

I’ll wait for you to come back to sleep with me, because without you, I can’t sleep. ”

The phone was full of tender women, and a few words of nausea made the man distressed and moved, and it produced a sense of guilt.

It was definitely late until late, the women had to wait until the husband came home, and personally put him in bath water or end-of-foot wash.

  When men go home and see that their women still trust themselves so much and give for themselves without regret, their guilt is even stronger, so even if they really have an affair outside, they will think againRow.

This effect is really good, my husband basically goes home on time.

A woman who is too savvy is terrible. It makes it difficult for men to have a sense of conquest or achievement. Therefore, women cannot be too savvy. Even a savvy woman, on some specific occasions, must also be stupid.Husband save face.

Men will appreciate you.

  Second, pretending to be sexy may be because the marriage has been going on for many years, and the two people have lost the passion of the past, so women take the initiative to change.

When the night came, I took a shower early and wore an open-back silk nightdress and sexy lace underwear dangling in front of my husband.

As a result, the hormones in her husband’s body increased rapidly at that moment, and the two soon fell asleep together.

  In bed, the woman also changed her passive situation and started to take the initiative. The “scream” made her husband want to stop.

As long as the husband is made aware of the tricks and pleasures of sex, he will not leave you, this trick is the worst!

No matter whether it is a man or a woman, they will not change their opinions and will like new tricks.

Therefore, occasionally change your mind, change your style, put on makeup, so that you always have a new look in the eyes of men, and have different feelings and freshness every day.
Only the feelings of freshness can last longer.
  The old wife and wife, there is no need to be shy, no need to hold back, pretend to be a little bit more sexy, let your man take the initiative to embrace, and enjoy the fresh love of Changbao.

  Third, learning to be like a bad woman says that men are not bad, women don’t love, in fact, men are the same.

Women are a bit bad, men feel cute.

For example, in a bar, under the dim light, she held a cigarette, her expression thoughtful, her eyes empty and lonely.

She looked so lonely, but so elusive.

She is like a poppy flower that blooms in the dark, and because of the elusiveness, the men are eager to try to take her home.

  The woman at home must learn to be like a bad woman. When treating her husband, she does not prevent her from getting worse.

You can tease your husband badly, or deliberately make trouble with your husband, play with a small temper, lose your temper, and let your husband be confused and guess your inner thoughts.

In this way, the man will guess your heart, and will take the initiative to “close to you”.

  Fourth, passionate feminine women, if men do not hide their thoughts in front of men, men often do not have to bother to guess the hearts of women, which is not attractive to men.Because men love to conquer women, they all like a sense of accomplishment.

When men conquer women, it is a great achievement for men.

  Therefore, let yourself be attractive and feminine.

Show off your femininity in front of your man from time to time. You can tell him that you are a “charming woman” in your unit or friends. “Many men bow down under their pomegranate skirts.” Such men have a crisisSense, which will cherish you even more.

  Fifth, smart and wise women are a great attraction for men.

Such women play an important role in their work. When they return home, they will take good care of their home and be able to leave the hall and enter the kitchen. This is a rare help from the husband.

  The husband and wife are sleeping together with the child. When the husband and wife are in the same bed passion, the child is awakened by the cry of the woman. The child asks: “Mom, what’s wrong with you?

She replied, “Baby, mother had a bad dream just now!”

“She then patted the child and turned to continue” fighting. ”

Resolving this embarrassment so intelligently will give you extra points for men.

There is a profound knowledge between men and women. If you master this knowledge, your love or marriage will always be fresh, and you will also find that the marriage life will be better.

Beauty must know good complexion with good mood_1

Beauty must know “good complexion” with good mood

Since when have our faces become so ugly?
How to return to “good complexion”?
This is the reason everyone understands, but in modern life, it seems to have become extravagant.
It’s okay to be idle, watching TV and surfing the Internet can also “boil” until the middle of the night.
On the weekend, can I make it up after sleeping in the afternoon?
  Sleep a lot and smile a lot This is the principle everyone knows, but in modern life, it seems to become extravagant.
It’s okay to be idle, watching TV and surfing the Internet can also “boil” until the middle of the night.
On the weekend, can I make it up after sleeping in the afternoon?
  After 22-25 years of age, the skin’s self-repairing ability declines, and every time you stay up late, you will leave free radicals ravaging “traces” deep in the skin. Over time, it becomes the “traces” displayed on the face; weekendsThe big lazy feeling is just the “scar” on the weekend.
  ”Good complexion” must also be accompanied by a good mood, “the woman in love is the most beautiful”, this is the truth.
It’s not just work, stress, and hurt that can affect a good mood. Count, how many idle chores do we worry about every day?
The cream is used well, but I have to think about what to use in the next jar?
Which brand is advertising again, so tempting!
That mall is on sale again, so good deal!
. Ah, what should I choose?
But do n’t underestimate this kind of “seeking troubles”, it will also make your heart tight and hard to relax-people who are used to “greedy” and “flowery” will not only mess up their lives, but also their skinMessed up.
  The skin is the mirror of the body.
Dafan doctors are against whitening and exfoliating. As long as the body is healthy, the mind is healthy, and the lifestyle is healthy, as long as it is simply cleaned, moisturized, and sunscreened, the skin can be “lit up”.
And all the “skin care methods” to remove the yellow and the dark are just remedies, not the cart before the horse.
  Remedy 1: Remove old waste keratin, slow metabolism, ultraviolet rays, stress, stay up all night, etc., will make old waste horny “lay” on the skin surface, and will not fall off naturally.
The inability of the new keratin to make the skin look thick, dull, and dull, feels a bit hard, rough, and sometimes crusty.
  This can happen to any skin type skin, but it should be noted that as long as it is not thick and thick oily skin, do not exfoliate with an oil-controlled cleansing mask or a coarse-grained scrub product.
For thinner and more sensitive skin, you should choose a special mild exfoliating product such as FANCL Water Penetrating Mask, Cheese Mask, Lange Strawberry Mask.
For healthier skin, you can choose Clinique Softening Firming Thermal Cleansing Cream, CLARINS Deep Cleansing Cream, Biotherm Crystal Whitening Purifying Mask, MB Manshibedan Diamond Transdermal Combination (Micro Diamond Penetrating Microdermabrasion Cream + GGhEGFLeukocyte repair mask) and so on.
If the skin is darker and thicker for a long time, you can use Clinique Rejuvenating Skin Cream and Estee Lauder Perfect Rejuvenation Repair Serum for gentle horny treatment morning and evening or every night to promote keratin metabolism; whether you need to specialize regularlyExfoliating, depending on the skin needs to be flexible.
  It should be noted that when the skin is in a sensitive state, has acne, or has a wound that has not healed, you cannot exfoliate in any way.
After exfoliating, you should immediately apply a moisturizing mask or a nutritional mask, because at this time the skin’s absorption is the strongest and the most timely repair.
  补救2:促进血液循环  微循环是肌肤健康亮泽的决定因素,由于环境污染、年龄增长等原因,皮肤表皮的血管功能会减退,使血液循环减弱,肤色中的粉色调减少,而使肌肤显得Pale, yellowish or “faceless”.
  An effective way to promote blood circulation is massage.
The “massage cream” can be the expensive SK-Ⅱ Multi-Purpose Repair Essence Kneading and Elastic Anti-Relaxing Essence Cream, or it can be the “next girl” AQUA warming and soothing facial mask, a suitable herbal firming and shining massage creamAnd so on, although the nutritional ingredients they introduce to the skin are different, the effect of activating the skin and promoting blood circulation through massage is the same.
The simplest way to massage is to gently circle or press from the inside to the outside and from the bottom to the top (press it down and lift it gently).
  It should be noted that the time for each massage is 5-10 minutes, not too long.
Massage also has a gentle exfoliating effect, preferably 1-2 times a week, not much.
Thin, sensitive, red-blooded skin should not be massaged.
After the massage, the moisturizing mask, nutrition mask and skin care products should also be used to lock the pores opened by the massage.
  补救3:清除肌肤毒素   汽车尾气中的重金属、臭氧(氮氧化合物、一氧化碳和挥发性有机物质经紫外线光合作用产生),会使皮肤产生大量毒素,令蛋白质、脂类物氧化,甚至造成细胞的Injuries and premature deaths.Oil absorption, heavy drinking, staying up late and other bad lifestyles cause excessive accumulation to accumulate in the dermal layer, leading to lymphatic circulation, poor blood circulation, insufficient oxygen supply to the cells and they become dry and lose vitality.

These reflections on the end face are yellowish, dull, dry and rough; oily skin will obviously feel “oily and dirty”.

  Perhaps in order to “compliance” with this unhealthy living environment and living conditions, more and more detox products have appeared in skin care products: Biotherm Active Oxygen Purifying Massage Essence and Active Oxygen Purification which neutralize toxins and date medical oxygen moleculesMask; strong anti-oxidant, Estee Lauder Nutrient Essence Water that supplements active energy; CLARINS Rejuvenating Essence Beauty Liquid, which supplements multivitamins and plant extracts, oxidizes and promotes microcirculation.Conditioning Essence; KOSE Pure Muscle Massage and Beauty Solution, which uses Chinese herbal plant extracts to promote supplementation and replacement, and purify the internal environment of the skin, can make the skin radiate healthy and bright.

  Correction 4: Make the skin smooth This is the most neglected alternation, but it is easy to prove: when the sun shines on a smooth plane, aiming at the flat glass, it will emit a very strong reflection; if it shines on a non-smooth plane, Such as frosted glass, the reflection will be weak.

The luster of our skin is actually the reflection of sunlight. If the skin is smooth, it will be shiny; if it is rough, it will be dim.

  Exfoliating the skin to make it smooth is a method, but it has a lot of limitations: it should not be exfoliated excessively or often, otherwise it will make the skin thin and fragile; it can be kept for a short time after each exfoliation.Keratinocytes continue to die. If metabolism is not good, new accumulations will soon form, making the skin surface heavy and dull again.

How to make skin smooth and smooth like a girl?

Yoga shrinks shape sexy naked back

Yoga shrinks shape sexy naked back

The naked back has always been a sexy focus zone.

However, the back is like an unguarded place: the pressure, the exhausted back is exposed to others’ eyes, and sometimes the “walking” neighbors are some precursors.

Yoga “step by step hip pose” can help us “rectify” the finish line and release stress.

  Practice time: You can practice on an empty stomach.

Wear a vest or loose clothing that can fully tilt your shoulders and back when practicing.

  Note: When practicing the “pushing posture”, treat your body “gently” and not be softer than the surrounding practitioners. At the same time, you should minimize tilt and spine, and do not bend your elbows when your hands are raised.

  Strengthening posture: role: strengthen the spine, increase the strength of the waist and abdomen (strong waist, abdomen can relieve pressure on the spine).

  Action: Lie on your back with your body in the same line as your shoulders.

Forehead touched the ground.

Inhale, slowly lift your head, hands, and feet off the ground, rest, and breathe naturally (depending on your situation 2?
5 breaths).

Exhale and control your body slowly and flatly.

Relax your hips and body muscles and adjust your breathing.

Repeat the exercise 3 times.

  Pushing posture (1): role: hip spine, strengthen the support of the external oblique muscles of the abdomen, reduce hip pressure.

  Action: Land on both knees, stretch your left foot forward, and hold your hands in front of you.

Inhale slowly, raise your hands, palms up.

Exhale while leaning to the left, facing upwards, looking up.

Try to contract the external oblique muscle of the abdomen.


Breathe naturally for 5 times.

Return to the palm up position.

Then exhale and dump to the right.

Do left and right interaction 3 times.

  Referral posture (2): role: massage shoulders, correct hump.

At the same time strengthen the muscles around the stomach and promote gastric function.

  Action: straight kneeling posture, hands clasped in front of each other.

Inhale slowly, lift your hands up, palms facing up, and push towards the sky (press down on both arms).

Exhale, lean your hands backwards, and push your chest forward.

Breathe naturally for 5 times.
Inhale, return to the state of upward referral, stand still, and breathe naturally 5 times.

Repeat 3 times.

Seven kinds of sweet blood soup for women

Seven kinds of sweet blood soup for women

In other words, nutritional supplements are not as good as dietary supplements. Nutrition experts point out that paying attention to the reasonable combination of nutrition in daily diet and proper supplementation of blood and gas supplementation foods can help women to prevent disease and disease. Here are some of the nutritional sweet soups I often eat.

  Tremella red jujube soup Tremella fuciformis is also called “the bird’s nest of the poor”.

Tremella is similar to bird’s nest in terms of color, taste, and effect, and it is cheap, so the bird’s nest called the poor is easy to get angry.

Tremella has a moisturizing effect for cooling.

Dryness and anger are like acute chronic diseases, and anger comes quickly.

But if the anger is too long, it will turn into dryness. So it is most effective to eat Tremella. Use dried longan, wolfberry, jujube and white fungus soup. Tremella red dates soup is not only a delicious breast, but also makes your face white and red., Light and slim.

  The beauty and nourishing blood oatmeal suddenly reminded me of a beautiful woman: a woman should always cherish herself, let alone cherish herself at all times, it is good to think of herself at intervals.

Ha ha!

  Soak the walnuts first.


Longan dry.

Wash the oats and pour them into the rice cooker, add the right amount of water and cook!

Remember to watch the time!

Once the porridge is gone, change to a porridge stall!

Put some brown sugar before leaving the pan.

  Shuanghong Buxue Tang 500 grams of sweet potatoes, 10 grams of red dates, brown sugar amount.

2000 ml of water and then boiled together. Sweet potatoes are cooked before brown sugar. This dessert is often eaten this summer. If you like pumpkin, you can also change sweet potatoes to pumpkin.

  The papaya white fungus soup of beautiful face, white fungus, papaya, red dates, rock sugar, boil the foamed white fungus, boil the red dates, turn off the low heat and boil for half an hour, boil the rock sugar and papaya and boil it.

  Black glutinous rice and bloody porridge Black glutinous rice, longan and red dates are known to be good for blood, plus yam with high nutritional value, the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood is more significant. Remember to drink it every month, black glutinous rice,Red dates, longan, yam, brown sugar, small reminder, although longan can supplement blood gas and promote blood circulation, but because it is not easy to digest, try 7 every time.

8 can be (friends with cold stomach can order 2 slices of red ginseng).

  Angelica jujube ribs cure dry and rough skin and itching.
Ribs, 12 Chinese wolfberries, red dates, 4 slices of Chinese angelica decoction, wash blood water, add Chinese wolfberry and Chinese dates, scallions, ginger slices, boil over high heat, and simmer over low heat until the ribs are rotten, salt and chicken essence can be seasoned.

When the above ingredients are mixed together and stewed, you can receive the auxiliary effects of nourishing yin, moisturizing and nourishing skin.

  Soybean and Sydney pig’s foot soup often drinking pear soup is good for women. Pears have been known as the “Zong of Fruits” since ancient times. Using Sydney to make soup can also relieve cough, moisturize the lungs, and clear the skin.

Drink this Sydney Soy Pork Hand Soup, for the skin and skin, it will have obvious effect to relieve the sound of dry mouth. It is a good soup that lowers blood pressure and nourishes heat. You can drink more.

  1 Sydney, 50 grams of soybeans, half of pork feet, 3 slices of ginger, salt, pig’s feet add ginger slices to fly water to smell, separate pieces; add pitted and sliced Sydney, soybeans and ginger, add enough water to cookOpen the lid to maintain the high heat and continue to boil for 15 minutes. Turn to low heat and cook for another hour. The soup is ready. Add salt to taste before drinking.

  When it comes to qi and blood, most people think it is very mysterious.

Chinese medicine believes that a person’s standard of health is rich in qi and blood.

The organs of the human body are like human beings. They are full and they can only work vigorously.

And blood is the “meal” of organs.

What is safe to eat now?

What is safe to eat now?

Shanghai Huayuan recalled aluminum exceeding standard food “Xinmin Evening News” The Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision conducted spot checks on puffed food in 4 locations.

The results showed that the residual amounts of aluminum in the four final products all exceeded the national health standard requirements (less than or equal to 100 mg / kg); moreover, the “true excellent taste” shrimp bar products of this spot inspection also had coliform bacteria exceeding the standard.

In this regard, the quality and technical supervision department required Shanghai Huayuan Food Co., Ltd. to recall the 12 subdivided products involved in the case, which involved “True Youwei” seafood slices, “True Youwei” salmon slices, “True Youwei” shrimp sticks, and “There are 4 varieties of “Zhen You Wei” Dragon Fruit.

  Beijing strictly inspects aquatic products containing malachite green “Beijing Youth Daily” The Ministry of Agriculture issued an “urgent notice on organizing the investigation and punishment of alternative malachite green” and other alternative veterinary drugs, and conducted strict investigations across the country to use illegal malachite green”the behavior of.

The notice mentioned that most of these aquatic products in question were sold to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Henan, Jiangxi and other places.

  Beijing will conduct spot checks on the city’s sample market under the conditions of the initial testing conditions themselves.

The Beijing Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is currently working on importing reagents and standards from abroad. It is expected to ship to Beijing within three weeks to test “malachite green” in salmon.

  Only more than 60% of black fungus Tremella qualified “Health News” News The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the results of the national supervision and inspection of black fungus and Tremella product quality.

This time, a total of 50 products from 50 enterprises in 8 provinces and municipalities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, and Guangdong, were spot-checked. Among them, 22 kinds of black fungus were selected, 12 were qualified, and 54 were replaced.

5%; 28 types of white fungus were spot checked, 19 types were qualified, and 67 samples were reset if qualified.


  There were three main quality problems found in the spot check: first, the moisture content exceeded the standard seriously; second, some of the black fungus wet-to-wet ratio items were unqualified; and third, the food labels of some enterprises did not indicate the quality level.

  China Consumers Association reveals: cosmetics = mineral water + dishwashing liquid + vegetable oil “Beijing Evening News” News “Small natural cosmetics” that feels wonderful and smooth on the skin, turned out to be “manufacturing” with mineral water plus detergent and vegetable oilOut.

This so-called “cosmetic” feels wonderfully smooth when applied to the skin.

Experts point out that this comfortable feeling is completely an “artifact”.

When consumers try out some cosmetics for free, they are often misled by this “illusion”, which leads to wrong results.

In fact, in order to reduce costs, some cosmetics often add flavors, pigments, preservatives, etc., and even add some hormonal ingredients to make the skin white and tender, eventually leading to chronic skin poisoning and damage.

  Harbin seized 5,700 boxes of “premature” beverages “Harbin Daily” In July, the inspection team of the Harbin Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau seized more than 5,700 boxes of “premature” fresh orange juice beverages in a finished product warehouse in Huayuan Road, Bin County.

The batch of beverages produced in June has the production date on September 1.

According to reports, this batch of beverages were produced in Harbin, but the production address on the product packaging was “Foshan City, Guangdong Province”.

  48 “toadstools” killed in Yunnan “Health News” Interrogation ceased In early July, 33 edible wild fungus poisoning incidents occurred in Yunnan province, with 48 deaths.

  China has 480 species of edible wild fungi, of which there are nearly 300 species in Yunnan Province, accounting for more than 60% of the total. May to October of each year is the rainy season in Yunnan and also the season for wild fungus production, many, especially in remote mountain areas.Of farmers have been poisoned or even killed by accidentally eating poisonous wild bacteria.

  According to statistics from the local health department, since the beginning of summer, there have been 33 cases of edible wild fungus poisoning in Yunnan Province, accounting for nearly half of the total number of food poisoning incidents. 183 people became ill, 48 people died, and the number of cases from June to July accounted for 93.


These poisonings occurred in rural families.

  The medical and health department reminds that within 10 minutes to 48 hours after eating wild mushrooms, if you have symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, you should go to the hospital immediately.

  Poultry bacon qualified rate is less than 70%. Health News. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine conducted a random inspection of 49 products produced by 46 enterprises in 4 provinces, including Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Hunan, and Guangdong.


  The spot check mainly examined the health indicators and physical and chemical indicators.

The quality problems of the spot checks are mainly manifested in water, salt, acid value and other items.

Nine kinds of products have substandard moisture content, accounting for 18 of the total extraction.


Two products exceeded the standard salt content, accounting for 4 of the total number of samples.


1 product has an acid value exceeding the standard.

  The Ministry of Health urgently called off “Ku Lekang”, “Medicine Health News” and the Ministry of Health urgent notice, requiring food production and operation units in various places to immediately stop selling some of the batches of “Ku Lekang” capsules produced by Liaoning Health Weiye Biotechnology Co., Ltd.And announce the recall of the products sold.

According to reports, when the Food and Drug Administration of Jilin Province and other departments conducted a supervisory investigation on “Kulekang” capsules (approval: Wei Shi Jian Zi[2002]No. 0588), they found that the market lot number was 20041201 (not for sale).)), 20040902, 20041201 The sample capsule contains the chemical drug glibenclamide, and the capsule content of the batch number 20050401 contains the chemical drug glibenclide.

This violates the provisions of Article 10 of the previous Food Sanitation Law, “Food cannot be added to drugs.”  76 kinds of dried fruit seasoning foods in Beijing are delisted “Beijing Youth Daily” News There are 76 kinds of canned dried fruit seasoning foods in Beijing market.

  In the delisting list, there are 158 g bags of “Aming” green tea and white melon seeds (produced on November 5, 2004) produced by Shanghai Sanming Food Company.”Fengyang” lover plum (170g / bag), the reason for the removal is because the sulfur dioxide exceeds the standard; “Dia Tiantian” 500ml bottled rice vinegar (produced on October 26, 2004) produced by Sheshan Huashi Brewing Co., Ltd.It is the detection of free mineral acid.

According to reports, vinegar contains free mineral acid residues, and those who consume it lightly will cause indigestion, diarrhea, and long-term consumption will harm health.