Laobai Dry Wine (600559): Increasing Pressure Increases Downgrade to Neutral

Laobai Dry Wine (600559): Increasing Pressure Increases Downgrade to Neutral
Investment suggestion We downgrade Laobai dry wine to neutral with a target price of 11.67 yuan, we expect the company’s revenue growth rate to decrease to 8 in the next three years?9%, for the following reasons: The company ‘s growth pressure in Hebei, the home base of the company, has increased significantly.In the third quarter of 19, the company’s Hebei revenue decreased by 15%, mainly affected by 7?The effect of the local alcohol ban in August, but even excluding this factor, the company’s revenue growth rate is gradually changing.The company’s overall revenue declined by 11% in the third quarter of 1919, the first change in the quarter since the fourth quarter of 2016,杭州桑拿论坛 showing prolonged growth pressure.We believe that the pressure fluctuates. First, the company’s growth at the next high-end price is affected by demand and competition. As a result, we expect the company’s revenue growth rate at this price to be only 22% / 20% in 2019/20.Second, other strong liquor companies continued to increase their expenditures in Hebei Province, including Luzhou Laojiao, Wuliangye, Fen Jiu, and Gu Jing Gong Jiu. Competition at mid-range and above prices continued to intensify.  Product structure adjustment efforts and time are beyond our expected range.In the past three years, the company has consolidated SKUs from more than 800 to about 150. The company plans to continue to replace about 60 SKUs. It will continue to focus on core single products at high, middle and low prices. We believe this will be beneficial 南京夜网 to the company’s long-term growth.Two years still have to weigh on income.  After the release of Fenglian Liquor’s short-term reform dividend, the overall continued high growth vulnerability.In addition to Wuling benefiting from the rapid growth of sauce wine, Fenglian Wine’s assets in Bancheng, Wenwang Gong Liquor faced the direct squeeze of provincial leaders in the local market, risking loss of market share.In the third quarter of 19th, the sales revenue of listed companies in Anhui market increased by 54%. We estimate that this is mainly due to the placement of Wenwang Gongjiu.  What makes us different from the market?Fenglian Wine Industry continued its high growth vulnerability.  Potential catalyst: The company’s revenue in Hebei continues.  Earnings forecasts and estimates We cut our revenue for 2019/20 due to increased competition1.7% / 0.9% to 38.96/42.09 trillion, due to the huge rigidity of expenses, lowered to the net profit of the mother14.1% / 13.7% to 3.74/4.6.6 billion yuan, so the target price is reduced by 19.5% to 11.67 yuan, corresponding to 2019/20 28.0x / 22.5xP / E, current price corresponds to 2019/20 28.8x / 23.1xP / E, the target price is 2 compared with the current price.6% downside, downgrade to neutral.  Risks: If high-end wines are still rapidly flowing, the overall revenue growth will exceed expectations.

China Jushi (600176): Industry pressure is the best test for leading enterprises

China Jushi (600176): Industry pressure is the best test for leading enterprises

The main points of the report describe the operating income achieved in the first half of the year.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.

9%; attributable net profit of 10.

500 million, a year down 16.

8%, deducting non-net profit declines 23.


The event commented that the industry was under pressure, and volume increases and prices fell.

In the first half of the year, the industry was at a low level of cyclical prosperity (Zhuochuang data showed that in the first half of the year, the average price of alkali-free glass fiber yarns has been falling 4.

2%), the company’s operations were slightly under pressure, and accounts receivable and cash flow also confirmed the fierce competition in the industry.

In the first half of the year, the revenue of glass fiber and products decreased by 0.

8%, the sales volume is expected to increase slightly, and the average price has dropped, so the gross profit margin in the first half of the year was 45 from the same period last year.

6% dropped to 40.

4%, but still maintained at a high level.

In addition, the new material intelligent base received a government subsidy of 40 million yuan, and eventually the non-net profit was gradually reduced23.


The business philosophy behind the increase in costs is worthy of recognition.

Under the background of operating pressure of the company, the overall cost of the company is on the rise, and the rate increases during the period3.

2 units, of which management (including R & D) and financial rates increased by 1.

4, 1.

Three, management costs stemmed from staff budget growth, leasing and other expenses increased, and financial expenses stemmed from increased interest-bearing debt. Due to capital expenditure breakthroughs in 2018-2019, financial expenses are expected to decrease to a high point and may decrease slightly thereafter.

Behind the increase in management expenses is the value to employees. Behind the increase in financial expenses is a optimistic outlook for the future. Only by expanding production capacity against the trend can we seize more market share.

Industry pressure is the best test for leading companies.

In the second quarter, the average price of the industry continued to decline from the previous month. We judge that it may be caused by the intensification of trade frictions and indirectly the domestic short-term growth.

Against the background of increasing industry pressure, the company’s revenue and performance have improved on a sequential basis, demonstrating its product cost advantages. At the 武汉夜网论坛 same time, the company continues to tap its internal potential, and both costs and expenses have decreased from the previous month. Therefore, the net interest rate in the second quarter increased from 19.

8% increased to 21.


When does the glass fiber industry bottom?

We believe that the current core contradiction of the glass fiber industry comes from global demand — about 91 tons of global supplementary feed in 2018, and it is estimated that about 30 tons of global supplementary supply in 2019 (both have been put into production in the first half of the year), from the second half to next yearThe replenishment pressure is small.

Based on the endogenous growth momentum of the domestic economy, taking into account the demand for electronics, automobiles, and real estate expectations, margins will improve, and prices may be expected to gradually stabilize in the end.

Assuming demand is stable, the start time for price increases is the first half of next year; assuming demand is down, the time for price increases will continue to be delayed.

The company’s EPS is expected to be zero in 2019 and 2020.

62, 0.

71 yuan, corresponding to PE14, 12 times, continue to be optimistic.

Risk Warning: 1.

The global economic growth has dropped sharply; 2.

The production capacity of the industry exceeded expectations.

Anxin: Anhui Water Conservancy Results Release Expected Expectation to Accelerate Employee Stock Ownership Shows Confidence

Anxin: Anhui Water Conservancy Results Release Expected Expectation to Accelerate Employee Stock Ownership Shows Confidence

[Anxin Construction]Anhui Water Conservancy: Performance release promotes speedup, and employee shareholding demonstrates confidence.

The engineering business structure is optimized, the volume and price of the real estate business go 淡水桑拿网 up, and the company’s performance is expected to accelerate.

The company’s executives actively increased their shareholdings and launched an employee stock ownership plan, demonstrating the company’s leaders and core employees’ confidence in the company’s development.

The company’s evaluation advantage is significant, and the PE is expected to be about 11 in 2019.

6 times, welcome to exchange, Su Duoyong / 13918384864.

  The PPP + EPC project has a high gross profit margin, and the optimization of the engineering business structure has helped performance release.

In 2018, the company’s gross profit margins for PPP, EPC and single construction projects were 25.

93%, 18.

85% and 7.

16%, operating income accounted for 10 respectively.

86%, 1.

88% and 87.

28%, the remaining contract amount of unfinished projects accounted for 59.

92%, 34.

81% and 5.


In 2018, the company’s newly signed contracts for infrastructure business accounted for 71.

42%; new contracts for housing construction accounted for 26.

28%, the company’s business structure is gradually optimized, the proportion of infrastructure business increased, the company’s engineering business gross margin is expected to continue to improve, and help the company’s performance release.

  The volume and price of the real estate business went up, and the real estate carry-over accelerated the release of performance.

The company’s projects are mainly concentrated in the third- and fourth-tier cities in Bengbu, Yinzhou, Wuhu, Ma’anshan and other provinces. The company’s real estate sales volume and price have risen simultaneously, and advance accounts have grown rapidly.

As of the end of 2018, the company received advance payment 97.

37 trillion, an increase of 96 over the end of 2017.


The company’s pre-sale proceeds will start to be delivered in 2019, which will have a positive impact on the 2019 interim results. Real estate carry-over will accelerate the release of results.

The company’s pre-sale house prices have increased significantly.In 2018, the company’s average pre-sale price increased by 7.

36%, the company’s real estate business gross profit margin is basically around 30%, the average pre-sale price rise will drive the company’s real estate gross profit margin to increase, and enhance the real estate business profitability.

  The increase in senior management’s holdings and employee holdings demonstrates confidence in future development.

In 2016, company leaders actively increased their holdings and gradually increased their holdings by 187.

820,000 shares, a net increase of 165.


At the same time, the company launched a wide-ranging employee shareholding plan, and achieved employee shareholding through participation in targeted additional issuances, with a total shareholding of 3%.

6.6 billion shares, with a shareholding ratio of 5.


The increase of senior management’s shareholding + employee shareholding demonstrates the confidence of leaders and core employees in the company’s development. It is expected that the employee shareholding plan will expire and the company will change its momentum to release performance.

  Risk warning: Infrastructure investment growth is slower than expected, PPP is regulated and rectified, interest rates are up, performance is lower than expected

Car addiction is also a disease

Car addiction is also a disease

Yu Ping, 26, has been a waitress in a star-rated restaurant since the age of 19. At the age of 22, she has become the “Miss PR” of the hotel’s public relations department.

Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, she doesn’t know how many businessmen, foreign guests, and grandfathers, sisters, eat, drink and chat.

She had become accustomed to it and even got bored.

But she found a strange change: her interest in limousines was high and growing.

  She wants to accompany some guys in the car, and she also wants to drive by herself.

According to her own statement, whether by car or by car, each has its own enjoyment and happiness.

In the beginning, her enjoyment and happiness mainly focused on spiritual feelings, and gradually she derived physical comfort and beauty from pure spiritual feelings.

When she sits in the backseat, as long as she closes her eyes, she will produce a series of rich fantasy. The content of the fantasy is naturally not the flower and the moon.In the arms of a certain young president or Arab prince, they either caressed or kissed madly until they had sex . she said that to reach this feeling, driving 20-30 minutes was enough!

  If she drives by herself, it is impossible to enter a state of sexual fantasy because she needs concentration of mind. By touching certain parts in the driver’s car, she evokes her sexual pleasure close to touching the hand of her lover. The body and sensitive parts are as pleasant andComfortable.

Therefore, she likes sitting alone in the driver’s cab. Others have no way of knowing what she is doing. She is in love with the car. Every time she is sexually impulsive and reaches orgasm.

  When asked if she had ever had actual sexual contact and actual sex, she positively shook her head to deny it.

She said she didn’t like sitting too close to the man in the car.

She hated the frivolous women and hugged men in the car.

What she needed was the impulse that the limousine gave her and the enchanting sexual illusion that followed.

In her life experience, she has never obtained such an airy pleasure and satisfaction in any form (including masturbation).

  It is a “pity” that she was intoxicated by herself, but was “ruined” by a negligent traffic violation after a moment of smugness.

It was a rush hour of extended work in the evening.

She drove a Mercedes-Benz sedan “borrowed” from the hotel and headed down the road with a red light in front of her, and she instinctively braked the car.

She knows that this is the red lights of the six arterial roads, which usually stop for about two minutes. She relaxed her nervousness and shifted her hands involuntarily. She just entered her sexual fantasies. The green light in front was on. SheThe car was still parked there, and the horn behind him couldn’t wake her up until the traffic police knocked on her window and found her eyes narrowing.

  From then on, she lost this job and became a singing lady in the ballroom. The income was considerable, but she did not know how to spend the money reasonably, but she was still fascinated by the limousines parked in the hotel.Fang Xiuli’s face can often talk about driving some drivers to let her go for a ride. If it is the car she loves, and she can’t move the driver, she will give “tips” for a few hundred dollars.

Then she had a clever idea and adopted a deceptive method.

Select from her accumulated business cards (she has marks on all limousines), and then call the owner’s mobile phone, saying that she is the public relations manager of a certain hotel or posing as the leading secretary of a certain agency, lying that the superior urgently needs the car,Ask the driver to drive to the door of a company.

After getting in the car, she was called to go somewhere to pick up the leader, and she sat in the back seat to begin her sexual fantasies.

In this way, the upper left, starboard, left to right, and back again and again to cheat, even tried and tested.

Of course, it is unavoidable to use the means of saying little favors and small favors to the driver.

  As the saying goes, “How often can you walk by the river without getting your shoes wet”, and finally got pierced in another scam.

She was tempted by Cadillac to a large company. She loved the car so much that she usually put it back after only 30 minutes to complete it once. But this time it was an exception. It took a full hour to turn.As a result, the car owner checked the situation through the phone and the car borrowing unit and found her fraud. After being tried by the judicial department, she was forced to undergo forced labor for six months.

After coming out, her bad habits did not change (because she didn’t explain the real reason to cheat the car), and she spent almost one or two hundred yuan every day to buy a premium car driver for her enjoyment.

When replenishing the data at hand, various tricks are still used to confuse the owner and driver.

Her second time in labor camp was while the driver was unprepared to drive the car door, sitting next to Lincoln in the cab, stroking, and started the car intentionally.

Suspected of car theft on his back, plus a previous record, he was reeducated through labor for a year and a half (because of his good performance and six months in advance).

But she still didn’t tell the truth in this reeducation through labor.

  Her parents are deeply disturbed and perplexed by this unruly disciplinary behavior of her daughter.

Although she has converged after the two previous punishments, it is really difficult to reduce the impulse of car love from the heart. With all kinds of advice from her parents, she only spoke out about her psychology of car addiction. In order to avoid breaking the law again,The parents took her to the psychological counseling room of the hospital . The doctor commented: We cannot easily think of this kind of “love car” as a general anti-social bad behavior, because her interference in illegal activities is generated by touching or riding the car body.Sexual fantasies, boots reach sexual orgasm and satisfaction, so they have similarities with fetishism in sexual perversion.

From the perspective of pathological psychology, there are also two points that are in line with fetish characteristics: one is that I have an irresistible impulse to the car, and I can’t restrain the temptation if I know it should not; the other is that although sexual satisfaction is generated through the car, butShe is immoral to men (coupling with drivers and using pornography is just a means to achieve her purpose), and she does not have any sexual contact in the armed song and dance service.

She said limousines were the object of her sex.

  This kind of fetishism is very rare. It marks the rapid development of the economy today. Like other social phenomena, people’s psychological activities are always affected by the environment. There is no car fetish without a car.

Moreover, it also shows that fetishism is not owned by men.  In sexual metamorphosis, it is usually divided into two types: sexual purpose inversion and sexual object inversion.

And fetishism has the dual nature of intentional inversion and objectivity inversion.

A normal person, his or her sexual object is naturally the opposite sex, and its sexual purpose is naturally sexual intercourse. A car is a thing, not a person, let alone a person and a car.

For the treatment of this case, we follow the principles of cognitive and behavioral therapy.

In the field of cognitive therapy, we have improved our ideology through multiple exchanges and dialogues with patients, guidance and necessary social legal education.

But in terms of behavioral therapy, because the car is a physical object that breaks down general objects, it is not possible to adopt aversion therapy measures. In addition to diverting her attention (participating in daytime labor) and minimizing contact with limousines, she cultivates hobbies and interests (mainly(Sports and singing), but also has some effects.

But the involuntary urge often shakes her restraint.

Therefore, we have followed the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder. We recommend that I and my family must continue to take it for 2-3 years. Do not “take it when you see it!”

Exercise with dear bed

Exercise with dear bed

Make a bed?

Try this now, using your two-handed breaststroke to slowly paddle on the bed, trying to lower your upper limbs as much as possible.

  Time: 1 minute (30 breaths, deep breathing during movement) Effectiveness point, upper arm.

  Lie on your side (20 cm away from the bed), cross your left and right feet, use the hip joint as the axis, lie on your side with your upper body, and stick it on your ears.

Go on the left and right side.

  Time: 1 minute effective point, producing a thin waist effect.

  Push the bed.

Then start with your legs close together, with the waist joint as the axis, the upper and lower bodies at right angles, the center of gravity forward, and the legs in small lunges.

The left and right legs are exchanged.

  Time: 1 minute “pushing bed” type can be individually strengthened, 20?
30 times, repeat 2?
3 sets to create perfect lower body lines.

  Efficacy points, improve hip position and lengthen calf muscles.

  Lie on your back with your hips out of the bed, your legs raised flat, your feet against the wall (or on a support such as a chair, the same height as the bed) exhale with your legs stretched, your abdominal muscles tightenedChest, inhale, relax.

  Duration: 1 minute potency point, hips and abdomen.

The lungs are the umbrellas of the internal organs, and the lungs are raised first. The simple 5 movements are best for raising the lungs.

The lungs are the umbrellas of the internal organs, and the lungs are raised first. The simple 5 movements are best for raising the lungs.

Letting more people be healthy is my greatest happiness. I will share the knowledge of TCM health care every day. Friends who like health care can pay attention to me.

The lungs live in the chest, one on each side, the highest position, covering the internal organs, so it is known as the “canopy”.

Because the lungs are delicate, not resistant to cold and heat, and vulnerable to evil invasion, it is also known as “sweet”.

The lungs sucking the air and the spleen and stomach transport the water valley essence into a qi, the gas accumulates in the chest, through the action of the lungs, in and out of the throat to the Secretary to breathe, penetrate the heart and blood to qi and blood, and through the heart weekFlows throughout the body to maintain the functional activities of various organs and organs.

Therefore, the health of the lungs directly affects the health and longevity of the body, and the lungs are raised first.

Why do people get sick?

The main reason is that it is invaded by the six evils of nature (wind, cold, dampness, heat and dryness), especially the wind and cold, which is considered by Chinese medicine to be the source of all diseases. The most common way to invade the body is the skin pores.

The main fur of the lungs is open to the nose, and the first defensive barrier encountered after the disease is introduced into the body is the lung.

Therefore, the first thing that people appear in the cold is sneezing, runny nose and other respiratory symptoms.

The lungs are in the sputum. Under normal circumstances, the snot is moist and does not flow out.

The lung is affected by external evils and the first manifestation is nasal symptoms.

Nasal flow clearing is the performance of lung cold; nasal flow yellow turbidity is the performance of lung heat; nasal dryness is the performance of lung dryness.

The symptoms of the snot are the defensive signals that the lungs give to the owner of the body, hoping that the body will help expel the sick.

If the lungs can’t stop the disease, it will spread to other organs.

Why does it affect other dirty functions?

This is related to the function of the lungs.

1, the lungs declare that the lungs are scattered around the body and the skin is sweating. Khan is one of the ways of detoxification.

When the lungs are dissipated, the occlusion of the phlegm prevents the water from reaching the fur, and there is no sweat or spontaneous sweat, dry skin, and edema of the skin.

2, the lungs of the lungs to lower the lungs to absorb the natural gas, so that it converges inward and downward, the inhaled gas is released in the kidney, the kidney is sublimated by the lungs into the essence of the kidney, through the Du Meridian to the right,Maintain the central function of the brain.

The lungs are the highest in the organs, and the main line is water.

Chinese medicine says that the lung is the source of water, the water channel is circulated, the water is transported to the kidney, and the turbid fluid is excreted through the bladder after the kidney is vaporized.

Clinically, there is a severe cold that causes nephritis, and the lower extremity edema is due to the lungs’ declining, and there is a problem in the waterway.

There is also a state of sweating after heat or acute exercise. Suddenly, it will be affected by cold and cold, or if you take a cold shower immediately, there will be abdominal distension, and the urination will not appear.

These are all manifestations of the effects of other evil organs on the lungs.

3, the lungs declare weiqi, protect the internal organs, so it is called the cover of the internal organs, is the umbrella of the internal organs.

The human body ingests food through the spleen to digest and absorb, and transfers the body fluid and the water valley essence to the lungs. The lungs are responsible for dispersing the essence cloth to the organs, nourishing and nourishing the organs, and maintaining normal life activities.

Therefore, when the lungs are damaged, the nutritional supply of the internal organs will be affected to varying degrees.

5, the normal condition of the lungs in the lungs and large intestines is always moistened and moistened by the body fluid.

When the lungs lose moisture, it will affect the water supply of the large intestine, dry stools, constipation and so on.

The lungs are visible to our body.

People can not eat in a day, or they can drink water in a day, life will not be very dangerous, but life can leave breathing all the time.

The lung is responsible for the absorption of the gas, the blood supply of the whole body, the health of the internal organs, and the three major detoxification pathways (feces, urine, sweat) are closely related to the lungs.

Therefore, the health of the lungs determines the health of the body.

In modern society, air pollution is getting more and more serious, and the damage to the lungs is increasing. Do we need to maintain our delicate devices?

So how do we maintain our lungs in our daily routine?

First, coughing to keep the lungs clean and inhaling harmful substances that are harmful to the body is unavoidable, but we can minimize this damage to the lungs by coughing this natural barrier.

In the morning, in the practice of fresh air, take a deep breath, slowly raise the steps when you take in deep breath, then do a coughing action, and will suffocate and suffocate.
Repeat this many times, insist on doing this every day, so that the lungs can be kept clean, and foreign substances and other substances that are not conducive to the human body are allowed to stay in the respiratory tract and the lungs.
Second, abdominal breathing exercise lung function in the week to do abdominal breathing can also exercise lung function well.

The abdominal breathing method makes the abdomen sag when inhaling, and the breathing method that makes the abdomen concave when exhaling.

It should be noted that the abdominal breathing should be deep and slow, and try to use the nose with less.

Abdominal breathing helps increase ventilation.

Usually, we often use chest breathing, especially in the upper part of the lungs. The alveoli, which accounts for 4/5 of the lungs, is resting.

In the long run, the middle and lower lobe leaves are not exercised, which easily degrades lung function.

Deep abdominal breathing can restore the defects of chest breathing and make the whole lungs move, which is a good way to strengthen lung function.

Often doing abdominal deep breathing exercise, the body can get excess oxygen, but also meet the brain’s demand for oxygen, making people full.

Abdominal breathing is often used, which can also regulate the gastrointestinal tract well, and is also beneficial for preventing constipation.

Third, diet to raise lungs 1, eat more white food such as: white radish, Sydney, white fungus, yam, lily, etc., you can also put them together as a food to speed up repair.

For example: Tremella Sydney water, yam white radish water, nourish the lungs have a better effect.

2, drink Qingfei tea Su Ye almond tea almond Xuanfei cough, Su Ye has a wide chest and qi.

Orange black tea has the effect of clearing away lungs and relieving cough and qi.

Fourth, tapping the lungs through the lungs in the stomach, running down the large intestine, then running up the lungs, into the trachea, throat, in the opposite upper limbs down the forearm palm in the palm of the big fish, less business points.

That is, the probability that the arm bends against the thumb.

If the lung function is insufficient, there will be obvious pain points when tapping.

The average person is more obvious than the acute pain on the right side, because Chinese medicine believes that the lungs rise and fall in the body.

In the pain point, you can press 揉 3-5 minutes, and the pain points will be obviously relieved or disappeared after a few days of continuous sputum. The general rule is not painful. If there is no pain, the lungs will run smoothly.

The best time to beat the lungs TCM believes that the twelve meridians of the human body correspond to twelve hours a day, and the lungs run for 3-5 o’clock in the morning, but because people are sleeping during this time, the lungs are called the sun.We alternated with the operation of the same name of the Taiyin-Taiyin Spleen, which was run from 9:00 to 11:00 am.

When there are obvious symptoms of pulmonary symptoms, you should always find it to be combed at any time. Someone wakes up around 3 in the morning every day. This is the obvious symptom of the lungs, because it is combed in time.

Usually, pay attention to protecting our lungs, including avoiding smoking, second-hand smoke, soot, cold, etc., the lungs are healthy, and the internal organs have a protective umbrella for sheltering the wind and rain, and the health of the body is guaranteed.

One twist and one rub for rheumatism

One twist and one rub for rheumatism

A common manifestation of rheumatism is joint pain.

In addition to keeping cold and warm in treating this disease, massage methods such as twisting and kneading can be used.

  The twist method is to use a thumb and forefinger rib surface to pinch a certain part of the limb, such as twisting and fast twisting. It is a massage method that uses fingers, toe joints and superficial skin parts.Mo is sluggish and rude.

  The kneading method uses the fingers, palms, fists, and elbows on a certain part or meridian to perform a gentle rotating movement.

During exercise, keep your fingers, palms, fists, and elbows away from the skin you are touching.

The kneading intensity should not be too large, and the frequency is generally 50-90 times per minute.

The above two methods have the effects of soothing muscles and promoting blood circulation, tongluo and analgesic, and warming the spleen and stomach.

Love Facial Mask

Love Facial Mask

Tired of staying in the beauty salon and wanting to enjoy the mask time more easily and comfortably?
Why not try DIY mask?
You must know that DIY masks are becoming more and more popular. For the beauty and relentless smashing of silver eyebrows, applying your own face saves expensive expenses, and you can quietly appreciate the gentle touch of the afternoon sun on the weekend.A few of my favorite fruits: bananas, Sydney, apples . plus a little milk to moisturize, and the love mask I made for myself is fascinating, isn’t it?
  However, you have to learn a little about yourself.
First of all, you need to know your skin type.
And although homemade masks are natural products, they can still cause skin irritation in some people.
So before using it, remember to apply it on the inside of the arm, observe for 24 hours, and rub it on the face after no problem.
When you feel the mask becomes tight and irritating, you can clean it.
If applied for too long, it may cause itchy or allergic skin.
  There are a few small things to note here, which are listed to share with sisters who love DIY masks: 1. Cleaning before masks is very important.
  2. Relaxing can bring better results.
  3. Drinking more fruit juice is important for skin care.
  4. It is not advisable to talk or do anything when applying the mask. The skin should be fully relaxed.
  5. After making the mask, be careful not to leave the mask on the skin surface. Wash it with warm water at least three times, or wipe it gently with a cleansing cotton.
  6. It is important to control the frequency of the mask. It should not be more than three times a week. If you feel itchy or reddened skin, stop immediately and clean your face thoroughly.
  Mask for dry skin Banana mask: peeled bananas and mash them into banana puree, mixed with honey and milk.
It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it delicate and smooth. It is especially suitable for dry skin. Milk mask: milk, olive oil, honey, and a certain amount of flour.
具有营养、润泽皮肤,增加皮肤弹性,延缓皮肤衰老的作用   把一匙蜂蜜、半匙藕粉和一个蛋黄搅匀,取适量敷在脸上,待其干燥后再洗净   蛋黄面膜:鸡蛋黄1个,橄榄油3-5滴,蜂蜜1匙用面粉调成糊状   中性肤质适用面膜  苹果面膜:将苹果去皮捣泥,若皮肤略偏干性,可加适量牛奶或滴入两滴鱼肝油If it is oily, add some egg white and stir.
Can whiten and delicate skin Cucumber mask: made from cucumber juice with milk and honey; if the skin is dry, wash and slice the cucumber directly to the face.
It has the functions of emollient, whitening and anti-wrinkle. Tomato Mask: Squeeze tomatoes to get juice, add honey and a little flour.
It has the effect of moisturizing, whitening, and softening the skin. It can remove spots and reduce acne after long-term use.
可防止皮肤干燥、老化,使皮肤光滑、湿润、细腻   用一个鸡蛋的蛋白搅至发泡涂在脸上,20分钟后用温水洗去再用冷水洗净   在一匙稍温的蜂蜜里加约1/ 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, mix well and apply on the face.
保持20分钟或更长一些时间再洗脸   把一匙蜂蜜和一匙酸奶或酸乳酪混合后拨匀,涂在抹湿的脸上,保留15分钟再洗去   将精白面粉加橄榄油调成糊状敷面   油性肤质适用面膜  柠檬面膜:将鲜柠檬榨汁加水,再加入面粉调成。Or apply fresh lemon slices directly to the face for a certain period of time.
可收敛皮肤,使之清爽、润滑   在搅匀的蛋黄里加一点苏打粉,再滴入1-2滴柠檬汁,拌匀后涂在脸上,保留15分钟后用温水洗掉   用牛奶冲麦片粥,调匀成糊状,涂在脸上,保留10-15分钟后用温水洗净,再往脸部轻拍些凉水   把六片酵母片捣碎或直接用两匙酵母粉,加一匙酸奶或一小块酸乳酪,调匀后在面部、颈部薄薄地涂上一层,保留20分钟后洗掉   牛奶面膜:用牛奶2匙,柠檬3-5滴,橄榄油2滴调成糊状,尤其Suitable for oily and sensitive skin

Nine women make men inferior

Nine women make men inferior

1. A little boy asked his father: “How did you marry my mother?

“His father said proudly,” Think back then, what was the name of the person who chased your mother! ”

Your dad and I chased it bravely before I cheated your mother. “The little boy replied,” Well, you can really blow. Look, now, the girl chasing me is no more beautiful than my mother. ”

“Man, he will always be an animal that feels good about himself, and he will always brag about his various kinds in self-intoxication, in fact you take a closer look, oh!

That is the virtue.

  2. A male colleague told a slightly colored joke in the office. Unexpectedly, the female colleague laughed more than he expected. He coerced the smile and said coolly: “Cut, long hair and short sight, it is worthDo you laugh like this?

“The female colleagues laughed even more crazy, so he couldn’t help laughing.

At the end, a kind female colleague said to him, “We laugh.
You also said as a joke, haha . “Man, he always thinks he is a bit more attractive than women, in fact, he doesn’t know that women are often teased by his naive behavior, but he thinks he is cool.

  3, the woman was crying, the man firmly hugged the woman and gave the woman comfort.

But the woman still left the man after being comforted, leaving the man who once hugged the woman.

That hate in men’s hearts, hate women who don’t know what to do, hate women who are ruthless and meaningless, hate women who hollowed out and crossed the river.

The woman knocked the man down with just one sentence: “Actually you don’t even know what I need.

“Man always uses his own reason to understand women’s sensibility. He thought that controlling his emotions is controlling women’s emotions. This sorrow and sorrow until the woman left, he may not know.

So the woman chose a new branch, and the man pretended to be deep in the pain of reason.

  4. The man was invited to an important party and asked to bring his wife.

At this moment, the man thought about the yellow-faced woman at home, and he was faint. If she was taken out with a beauty, she would have more face!

So the man urged the woman to dress up, picky on the woman’s taste, and told the woman to keep smiling at the party, just don’t start talking.

  Man, he puts all his vanity on the woman, and then says woman vanity, hides his delegation, dresses as a gentleman, and the dark suit is a uniform for men.The smiling woman beside the man is showing the man’s true vulgarity.

  5. When two men meet with their young children on the way to shopping, they usually pretend to be okay with each other and say, “Let’s go with my wife and children.

“Actually, he looked at the other’s wife and observed the other’s child.

For nothing else, I want to compare whether my wife and children are better than others.

  Men also like to compare, compare wealth, career, lover, wife and child, comparison psychology is no less than women.

  6, when a man is sick, he is usually very good in front of a woman, but when he is in front of a man, he must pretend to be indifferent.

He must have avoided taking the medicine because he was afraid of the bitter taste of the medicine. He must blink his eyes to make the pain, because he is more sensitive to pain than women.

At this time if the woman wants to chase a man too simple, give him enough care and he will die to the woman.

  A man, a child who never grows up, will always have a slight oedipal complex. Without the care of a woman, a man cannot live.

  7, a successful man married a beautiful star as his wife, the age gap is huge.

Knowing that he will soon pass away, and that women cannot be widows for him, men still insist on their choices.

Because men like vases, they like collecting.

Taking everyone’s envy and love as one of the ways men get a sense of accomplishment.

  Men always stupidly repeat spending large amounts of money on things they don’t deserve, and they are also well-known: what they like is priceless.

In fact, what he really likes is that sense of accomplishment. If burning banknotes can get great satisfaction, men will definitely burn.

  8. A “maniac” on the flyover was drinking, singing somehow, the police car whistled and stopped under the flyover. Someone shouted with a tweeter: don’t think about it, there is something, come down and talk.

The “lunatic” had a ridiculous face and left everyone alone. Then he pushed the crowd around and crouched away, leaving alone, and finally crouching in the corner like a pig.

  Man, he never admits that he is jealous, but once more jealous, he is shocked but does not let women know.

After vinegar, men still eat the same vinegar many times, because women do n’t even know that he is jealous. Who keeps him from saying it?

Deserve it.
  9. The man was rejected by the woman many times. Every time he felt that the woman had left a little room for him, so he worked tirelessly, thinking that he could conquer the world by conquering the world.
But when he returned with the fruits of victory, what he saw was a woman who had become a mother, ashamed, grocery shopping, washing clothes, and cooking.

The man couldn’t help walking back, turned and ran away, and once he had been working hard, he had doubts.