Who should listen to sad songs

Who should listen to sad songs

A friend who often attended the party told reporters that in KTV, everyone said to relax, but most of the songs they ordered were sad songs such as “Later”, “If Love Continues” and “Love in Hiroshima”.

In this regard, Gao Tian, an associate professor of the China Conservatory of Music, is not surprised at all. He told the Life Times reporter that sad songs also have a role in regulating emotions.

  In this age of fatigue, people’s hearts are inevitably impetuous, and perhaps we need to enjoy “sadness” even more.

“Sad tunes, such as” Famous Rivers “,” Second Moon Spring “and” Liang Zhu “, are more melodious.

Gao Tian said that the same pop songs mentioned by reporters are the same, just like the flowing water is washing our hearts.

“In this sense, impetuous people should listen more to sad songs.

Gao Tian pointed out that the songs that are too vigorous are rhythmic, fast-paced, and meet impetuous hearts, like a gong hit a drum; and sad songs are like a flute, which can resolve the loud drum sound to a certain extent.

  The reporter asked: “Like my friend said, everyone goes to sing to find happiness and relax. Why is it that the old songs are sad?

Gao Tian explained, in fact, in music therapy, it is not new to depress visitors with sad songs.

According to reports, when a person is nervous, his heartbeat will speed up, and some people even have a blank brain, and stress will follow.

Sadness can be said to be a person’s deeper emotional experience, and it is easier for people to enter the realm. Tension in a certain length will be replaced, and stress can be relieved in a comfortable rhythm.

“Of course, songs that are too sad, such as” Black Sunday “, which was once popular in the UK and called” Death Music “, are not appropriate.

Gao Tian added.

  Gao Tian said that those who are compassionate and sentimental are also good to listen to sad songs.

Because sentimental and compassionate people are emotionally rich, they need to release their emotions and feelings more.

Sad songs mostly express the pain of broken love, the tragic experience of life, can cause the feelings of compassion and compassion, and let them feel that their kind emotions are targeted.

  In the end, Gao Tian reminded that many people think that when they encounter traumas such as broken love, it is good to listen to sad songs and make themselves cry, but this method is not desirable.

“Listening to sad songs when you are sad can only make you sadder.

No target, love delays mission, weighs 7 factors, kills fighting spirit

No target, love delays mission, weighs 7 factors, kills fighting spirit

Core tip: long hours of work, no one can avoid burnout.

Ashley Nixon, a psychologist at the University of Southern California in the United States, has summarized the 7 factors that most affect the enthusiasm of work, to help you prevent problems.

  Task conflict.

Many people have encountered such a situation, one boss just explained you to do one thing, another leader needs you to do other work.

This situation is almost embarrassing, and more times, you will feel that there is no skill in avatars, and you don’t want to do anything.

  The task is unclear.

If you don’t know what your work is about and what you want to achieve, it often leads to a loss of heart, depression, and even weakness in your body.

  The task is delayed.

No matter for some reason, if you can’t always complete the task on time and fail to reach the intended goal, it is easy for a person to lose confidence, the robe doubts his ability, and the enthusiasm for work will be greatly reduced.

  Interpersonal conflict.

Interpersonal contradictions include all dimensions of work, such as the boss is too harsh, colleagues are bullying, isolated, etc. Studies have found that long-term exposure to such an environment can lead to sleep disorders and loss of motivation.

  Heavy workload.

The intensity of work is too heavy, the task is too heavy, the body is overloaded for a long time, and it may even lead to fatigue and exhaustion. This kind of “excessive stimulation” will soon become tired of work.

  Time overdraft.

Many people in the workplace suspect that “overtime is the devil”. Indeed, if you use time to fight for efficiency, precious breaks are seized again and again, and you lose your life balance, most people will have resistance.

  Nominal control.

If a job is unorganized, you don’t know how to start, and you don’t know how well it is completed. Your interest in it will gradually fade away.

Self-resistance: the most practical aerobic exercise

Self-resistance: the most practical aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is a durable exercise that enhances the body’s inhalation and use of oxygen.

Its sports are characterized by light load, rhythm, and long duration.

Sports medicine has determined that the appropriate exercise load for aerobic exercise is 4-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes each time, and the heart is implanted 120-135 times / minute during exercise.

Self-resistance is a muscular counterbalance of the human muscle group in static confrontation, and it is also one of the aerobic exercises that can be easily reset.

It is not harmed by gender, location, or equipment.

Muscle resistance exercises with free-hand positioning, without the trauma of sports trauma, become a fitness method that accelerates blood flow, promotes metabolism, and relaxes energy during static training.

The following introduces a few simple groups of self-resistance exercises in different positions, and optional exercise.

  Palm finger practice method: Close the palms of your two chests, separate your five fingers, and place your fingers facing each other.

The first fingers of the two hands push against each other for resistance, and the two palms are slowly stretched, showing a “claw” static resistance for 10-12 seconds, repeated 7-8 times.

  Effect: Strengthens the muscles of the abductors of the fingers and the radial extensors of the wrist.

  Tips: When pushing the fingers together, you need a moderate amount of resistance to gradually counteract the strength.

  Shoulder and arm exercises: Split legs, slender legs, palms on both chests, fingers up.

The thrust of the right palm exceeds the resistance of the left palm, pushing the left arm to the left side of the body.

The left palm resists the resistance of the right palm and pushes the right arm back to the right body side, repeating 10-12 times.

  Effect: Improves the strength of the deltoid muscle, abdominal biceps, abdominal radial muscle and knee short flexor.

  Tip: When the two palms are accelerated, the surpassed wrists must have a counterbalance to increase the resistance.

  Head and Neck Exercises: Divide your legs and hold your neck crosswise.

Push your head slowly and firmly with both hands, aiming the resistance, insert your head into the sternal collarbone and exhale.

Then align the downward pull force of both hands against the force, raise the head vertically upwards in the prepared position, and inhale.

Repeat 7-8 times.
  Effect: Enhance the muscle strength of the platysma and scapularis.

  Tip: The downward tilting force of both hands should not be greater than the head, reset the upward resistance.

Move slowly and moderately.

  Low back exercise method: slender legs, hands on hips, tiger’s mouth down.

The backrest is facing the resistance of the two hands torsional twists, making a circular orbit forward rotation, showing a static resistance of 6?
8 seconds.

Then repeat in the opposite direction.

Intermittent 30-40 seconds.

  Effect: Promote the contractility of latissimus dorsi, lumbar lateral muscle and erector spinae, and increase the lumbar space.

  Tip: When the waist is rotated around, the head, the pointer and the upper body rotate in coordination.

Do not move your feet.

  Chest and abdomen exercise method: Lie on your back with your palms on your abdomen.

The chest and abdomen face the pressure resistance of the two palms upwards to make a 45-degree sit-up for 5-6 seconds and repeat 7-8 times.

  Effect: Strengthen rectus abdominis and pectoralis major muscle strength.

  Tips: Take a deep breath when you sit up, and exhale when you lie down.

  Legs and knees exercise method: squat, put your palms on your legs.

Facing the downward pressure of the palms, both legs kicked up to resist against the pedaling force to stand upright.

For 30 seconds, do 7-8 times.
  Effect: Increases the strength of the quadriceps and adductors.
  Tip: When kicking up with resistance in the legs, the upper body and the legs are at 90 degrees, and the body cannot lean forward.

Beauty must know good complexion with good mood_1

Beauty must know “good complexion” with good mood

Since when have our faces become so ugly?
How to return to “good complexion”?
This is the reason everyone understands, but in modern life, it seems to have become extravagant.
It’s okay to be idle, watching TV and surfing the Internet can also “boil” until the middle of the night.
On the weekend, can I make it up after sleeping in the afternoon?
  Sleep a lot and smile a lot This is the principle everyone knows, but in modern life, it seems to become extravagant.
It’s okay to be idle, watching TV and surfing the Internet can also “boil” until the middle of the night.
On the weekend, can I make it up after sleeping in the afternoon?
  After 22-25 years of age, the skin’s self-repairing ability declines, and every time you stay up late, you will leave free radicals ravaging “traces” deep in the skin. Over time, it becomes the “traces” displayed on the face; weekendsThe big lazy feeling is just the “scar” on the weekend.
  ”Good complexion” must also be accompanied by a good mood, “the woman in love is the most beautiful”, this is the truth.
It’s not just work, stress, and hurt that can affect a good mood. Count, how many idle chores do we worry about every day?
The cream is used well, but I have to think about what to use in the next jar?
Which brand is advertising again, so tempting!
That mall is on sale again, so good deal!
. Ah, what should I choose?
But do n’t underestimate this kind of “seeking troubles”, it will also make your heart tight and hard to relax-people who are used to “greedy” and “flowery” will not only mess up their lives, but also their skinMessed up.
  The skin is the mirror of the body.
Dafan doctors are against whitening and exfoliating. As long as the body is healthy, the mind is healthy, and the lifestyle is healthy, as long as it is simply cleaned, moisturized, and sunscreened, the skin can be “lit up”.
And all the “skin care methods” to remove the yellow and the dark are just remedies, not the cart before the horse.
  Remedy 1: Remove old waste keratin, slow metabolism, ultraviolet rays, stress, stay up all night, etc., will make old waste horny “lay” on the skin surface, and will not fall off naturally.
The inability of the new keratin to make the skin look thick, dull, and dull, feels a bit hard, rough, and sometimes crusty.
  This can happen to any skin type skin, but it should be noted that as long as it is not thick and thick oily skin, do not exfoliate with an oil-controlled cleansing mask or a coarse-grained scrub product.
For thinner and more sensitive skin, you should choose a special mild exfoliating product such as FANCL Water Penetrating Mask, Cheese Mask, Lange Strawberry Mask.
For healthier skin, you can choose Clinique Softening Firming Thermal Cleansing Cream, CLARINS Deep Cleansing Cream, Biotherm Crystal Whitening Purifying Mask, MB Manshibedan Diamond Transdermal Combination (Micro Diamond Penetrating Microdermabrasion Cream + GGhEGFLeukocyte repair mask) and so on.
If the skin is darker and thicker for a long time, you can use Clinique Rejuvenating Skin Cream and Estee Lauder Perfect Rejuvenation Repair Serum for gentle horny treatment morning and evening or every night to promote keratin metabolism; whether you need to specialize regularlyExfoliating, depending on the skin needs to be flexible.
  It should be noted that when the skin is in a sensitive state, has acne, or has a wound that has not healed, you cannot exfoliate in any way.
After exfoliating, you should immediately apply a moisturizing mask or a nutritional mask, because at this time the skin’s absorption is the strongest and the most timely repair.
  补救2:促进血液循环  微循环是肌肤健康亮泽的决定因素,由于环境污染、年龄增长等原因,皮肤表皮的血管功能会减退,使血液循环减弱,肤色中的粉色调减少,而使肌肤显得Pale, yellowish or “faceless”.
  An effective way to promote blood circulation is massage.
The “massage cream” can be the expensive SK-Ⅱ Multi-Purpose Repair Essence Kneading and Elastic Anti-Relaxing Essence Cream, or it can be the “next girl” AQUA warming and soothing facial mask, a suitable herbal firming and shining massage creamAnd so on, although the nutritional ingredients they introduce to the skin are different, the effect of activating the skin and promoting blood circulation through massage is the same.
The simplest way to massage is to gently circle or press from the inside to the outside and from the bottom to the top (press it down and lift it gently).
  It should be noted that the time for each massage is 5-10 minutes, not too long.
Massage also has a gentle exfoliating effect, preferably 1-2 times a week, not much.
Thin, sensitive, red-blooded skin should not be massaged.
After the massage, the moisturizing mask, nutrition mask and skin care products should also be used to lock the pores opened by the massage.
  补救3:清除肌肤毒素   汽车尾气中的重金属、臭氧(氮氧化合物、一氧化碳和挥发性有机物质经紫外线光合作用产生),会使皮肤产生大量毒素,令蛋白质、脂类物氧化,甚至造成细胞的Injuries and premature deaths.Oil absorption, heavy drinking, staying up late and other bad lifestyles cause excessive accumulation to accumulate in the dermal layer, leading to lymphatic circulation, poor blood circulation, insufficient oxygen supply to the cells and they become dry and lose vitality.

These reflections on the end face are yellowish, dull, dry and rough; oily skin will obviously feel “oily and dirty”.

  Perhaps in order to “compliance” with this unhealthy living environment and living conditions, more and more detox products have appeared in skin care products: Biotherm Active Oxygen Purifying Massage Essence and Active Oxygen Purification which neutralize toxins and date medical oxygen moleculesMask; strong anti-oxidant, Estee Lauder Nutrient Essence Water that supplements active energy; CLARINS Rejuvenating Essence Beauty Liquid, which supplements multivitamins and plant extracts, oxidizes and promotes microcirculation.Conditioning Essence; KOSE Pure Muscle Massage and Beauty Solution, which uses Chinese herbal plant extracts to promote supplementation and replacement, and purify the internal environment of the skin, can make the skin radiate healthy and bright.

  Correction 4: Make the skin smooth This is the most neglected alternation, but it is easy to prove: when the sun shines on a smooth plane, aiming at the flat glass, it will emit a very strong reflection; if it shines on a non-smooth plane, Such as frosted glass, the reflection will be weak.

The luster of our skin is actually the reflection of sunlight. If the skin is smooth, it will be shiny; if it is rough, it will be dim.

  Exfoliating the skin to make it smooth is a method, but it has a lot of limitations: it should not be exfoliated excessively or often, otherwise it will make the skin thin and fragile; it can be kept for a short time after each exfoliation.Keratinocytes continue to die. If metabolism is not good, new accumulations will soon form, making the skin surface heavy and dull again.

How to make skin smooth and smooth like a girl?

Happy little recipes to combat workplace depression

Happy little recipes to combat workplace depression

Recipe 1, keep a friendly mind, a happy mind can make the nervous system’s excitement level at the best state, promote the secretion of some beneficial hormones, enzymes and plasma choline in the body, regulate blood flow, nerve cell excitement toOptimal state, improve the body’s ability to control disease.

In the spring-prone season, in addition to adjusting and maintaining good living habits, you may wish to write a “happy prescription.”

Get up in the morning and remember to say loudly in the mirror before going out: “I am beautiful, I am the best!

“Don’t forget to smile in the warm and excess sunlight when you go out.

  Remedy 2: Actively participate in sports. Participate in activities that are within your ability every day, such as brisk walking, jogging, walking, kicking, gymnastics, etc. Persist for 1-2 hours to resolve the haze.

If possible, I suggest you try surfing, and the experience of falling from the surfboard may be far more than the experience of standing the surfboard sliding smoothly along the waves to the land.

However, regardless of success or failure, as long as the surfboard is wasted into the sea water, all the troubles are lost, and this happiness often lasts for several days.proud.

  Recipe 3, happy food fights depression Sometimes, eating is also a joy!

Eat some “happy food” to make you happy.

Deepwater fish: Studies have shown that people living by the sea around the world are happier and healthier.

Because the sea is always refreshing, the main thing is that they often eat deep-sea fish.

A fatty acid in fish oil has antidepressant effects, can interrupt the neural replacement pathway, increase the secretion of serotonin, and alleviate psychological anxiety.

  Bananas: Bananas contain a substance called alkaloids that can boost your spirit and confidence.

And bananas are a super source of tryptophan and vitamin B6, which can help the brain make serotonin and reduce depression.

  Grapefruit: Not only does grapefruit have a strong fragrance, it can also purify complex thoughts and refreshing.

Even the high vitamin C content in grapefruit can maintain the concentration of red blood cells, make the body resistant, and also resist stress.

  Spinach: In addition to containing a lot of iron, spinach does need folic acid for human body.

If the body lacks folic acid, it can cause mental illness, including depression and dementia.

Studies have also found that people who cannot eliminate enough folate have difficulty falling asleep at all and are also prone to symptoms such as forgetfulness and worry.

  Cherries: There is a substance called anthocyanins in cherries that can reduce inflammation. Eating 20 cherries is more effective than aspirin.

Another report pointed out that people who have faced computer work for a long time will have headaches, muscle aches and other problems, and they can also improve their condition by eating cherries.

  Pumpkin: Pumpkins can create a good mood because they are vitamin B6 and iron. These two nutrients can help the blood sugar stored in the body to turn into glucose, which is the only fuel in the brain.

  Whole wheat bread: Eat complex carbohydrate foods, such as whole wheat bread, soda crackers, which contain trace minerals such as selenium to improve mood, and its effects are similar to antidepressants.

  Remedy 4, cautious use of sedative drugs is because insomnia is the culprit of depression, so many people take various sedative drugs in order to cure insomnia.

It is understood that more than 80% of insomniacs have too many drugs, most of which rely on sedative drugs.

However, insomnia is caused by five major factors such as psychology, disease, drugs, environment, and physical fitness. It can only be counterproductive to rely on sedative drugs.

Therefore, experts suggest that insomniacs should go to the hospital’s insomnia specialist clinic for targeted treatment by a doctor with professional knowledge, and never abuse sedative drugs.

  Recipe 5: Happy Notepad Even if you do n’t have the habit of keeping a diary every day, it does n’t matter. Just prepare a small book (preferably a cartoon), write down the happy mood of each day and the characters and places that make you happy. UnhappyTake the time to look at it, and keep the good times in your life. Don’t leave the unpleasant emotions to tomorrow.

  Recipe 6: After enjoying the hard work of music, use short breaks, reward yourself with your favorite music, and indulge in beautiful music melody. Even if it is only ten minutes, it can help you reduce fatigue., Bring you incredible wonderful feelings.

  Recipe 7. Do n’t make yourself a “Moonlight clan” when buying bright clothes, but you can dress yourself up with bright colors in bright spring, especially when you are unhappy, choose bright colors to change your clothes.mood.

Winter baby should be aware of intelligence when getting angry

Winter baby should be aware of intelligence when getting angry

I thought that only the baby would get angry in summer and autumn. But now the weather is getting colder and colder, Ms. Wu is getting more worried. It turns out that her daughter Ning Ning even got angry, and even had dry stools, yellow urine, and it was particularly smelly.

Although Ning Ning didn’t have long bubbles in her mouth, she had a lot of little red dots in her full length, and she didn’t sleep as well as before. She always cried in the middle of the night, and Ms. Wu couldn’t sleep well.

Xia Qiu had a hot attack, and the children became ill because of their poor resistance. This is understandable, but it was so cold in the winter that made Ms. Wu feel very strange, so she asked an expert to understand the reason why the child got angry in winter.

  Experts told her that the weather is cold and dry in winter, and the use of drying and air conditioning, the air is like being dried by a dryer, causing people to often have dry mouth, sore throat, irritability and upset, etc., And children’s resistance to the minimum in winter, it is more likely to get angry.

  Every winter, the air is dry, and adults’ noses and throats feel uncomfortable. There will be pharyngitis, which makes children more uncomfortable.

It seems that preventing fires this winter is a matter of learning.

  Under the guidance of the doctor, Ms. Wu bought two boxes of prescription powder for Chinese medicine. Within a few days, Ningningla opened up a lot, slept soundly, did not cry in the middle of the night, and the little red dots on it had returned.
She summed up her past mistakes: Do n’t think that less sweating in winter can make children drink less water. Drinking more water is good for diuresis, and can prevent children from getting angry. Usually, children should drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables.Children who are too young to eat fruits and vegetables can be fed into juice or puree.

  In addition, it is necessary to assist children to develop good habits and routines in daily life. Try to give the baby less food that is easy to get angry, and eat some children’s fire-resistant auxiliary products, such as hawthorn, rice buds, etc., to be healthy.The spleen aids digestion and prevents food productive fever; Coix seed clears heat and dampness, light bamboo leaves clear heart and urinate, and heat comes out of the stool.

Drinking often can prevent children from getting angry.

  It’s not easy for parents to get angry for children in winter. Pay attention to daily diet and health care, and observe the weather.

Fixing makeup is difficult to deal with skin problems easily

Fixing makeup is difficult to deal with skin problems easily

In the cold winter, the skin must resist the bad weather and also deal with the dry indoor environment.

How can you have healthy skin without requiring too much tedious work?

In addition to doing basic maintenance sooner or later, what other methods can make the skin glow?

The editor has collected a variety of beautiful skin secrets for you, so that you can easily deal with winter skin problems!

  Grace and temperature always seem to be the enemy, letting women who look beautiful in autumn and winter lose sight of this.

Women who want grace but not temperature often frighten men. Are they stockings and skirts in subzero weather? Are they not made of flesh?


Wherever it is said that women carry more cold than men, it is better to say that women have more skills than men.

Those little tricks full of thought can completely ensure that you are beautiful and warm.


Red face VS cold wind to warm your ears and look good for people with sensitive skin. In the winter, the cold wind blows, the little face turns red.

Although it can be covered with foundation, after all, the symptoms are not permanent.

In addition to rebuilding the skin network with anti-red blood essence or cream, Chinese medicine experts recommend a super simple method: rubbing the ears as soon as the face becomes red.

You know, most of the acupoints of the human body are hidden in the ears. Rubbing it directly can quickly improve the blood circulation, and the red and frozen red face will soon warm up.

In short, as long as the ears are kept warm, good looks naturally will not go far.

  ① BURT’S BEES Little Bee Purple Grass Cream 38 yuan is called “universal oil” baby, in addition to our acne, swelling effect, is also a famous antifreeze cream.

Applying it on the ears that are most prone to freezing in winter can prevent frostbite and indirectly get good looks.

  ② Avene Red Moisturizing Repair Cream SPF10 198 yuan. Its effect is to enhance the skin’s capillaries and elasticity.

At the same time, the treatment can correct skin tone, the creamy moisture is high, and it can protect sensitive skin.


Base makeup VS face 3 coup tricks to make makeup difficult in the dry autumn and winter, if you do not quickly put on makeup after skin care, there will be uneven makeup push or even peeling.

There are several ways to deal with this embarrassment: either move faster, after applying the last layer of cream, and before it is “eaten” clean, you can immediately apply base makeup with the cream lubricating; unless you just slow it down, put your handsAfter rubbing the heat, cover the entire palm with your face for a few seconds, and it will be very easy to apply makeup.

If you are not troublesome, use a hot water spray sponge to squeeze it out, and then apply the liquid foundation (the more the temperature rises, the more comfortable it is). This is also one of the makeup secrets that makeup artists don’t want to reveal!

  ⑤ Uemura Hide Pentagonal Sponge 45 yuan sponge is very thick and has small holes. The shape is easy to reach the corners of the face, whether it is dry or wet.

  ⑥ Taiwan Yonghe Sanmei Makeup Sponge is 8 yuan in size and is very soft and full of elasticity. After spraying, fold it in half with your fingers and apply the powder perfectly.


The secret of short skirts vs low-temperature warming with body milk. In winter, do you not want to abandon the beauty of skirts?

The stockings and skirt made the boy tremble.

However, this is not good for the body, and the cold weather accumulates over time and is susceptible to arthritis.

Beauty editors also wear short skirts, but we protect ourselves even more.

Before going out, apply a “heat-generating” body cream containing ginger, cinnamon, or black pepper to apply heat to the joints.

If you do n’t want to invest again, and the body milk on hand is also plump, you can add a little essential oil to DIY a bottle of warm body milk.

Add 1 drop of ginger or 1 drop of black pepper (maximum 2 drops) to each dosage and blend.

  ③ Greenleaf Ginger Tea Body Milk 229 Yuan contains hot-making ginger and antioxidant white tea. It is thick and hot on the skin, and it feels warm.

  ④ OrientRetreat Ginger Lime Body Milk 280 Yuan combines the warmth of ginger and the vitality of Lime. Although the name is “milk”, it is actually very plump. It feels warm after applying all over the body, and it doesn’t matter if you wear one less.


Body temperature VS aunt soaking feet to discuss a “thin body temperature” As the saying goes, autumn harvest and winter hiding, winter is the easiest to hoard your aunt, do you know why?

The latest research found that when body temperature was at 36.At 7 ° C, the aunt in the body burns most easily.

In winter, the body temperature is easy to be low, and it is not easy to burn.

If you want to keep your temperature at an optimal 36.

At 7 ° C, experts recommend a home method: Soak your feet in hot water at 38 ° C-40 ° C for 5 minutes to get the ideal “thin body temperature”.

It’s actually quite simple, isn’t it?

  ① Ruisha Lavender Herbal Bath Salt 60 yuan is better when you soak your feet. This bath salt contains lavender and geranium essential oil ingredients, which can also beautify the skin while promoting blood circulation.

  ② Herborist soothing bath salt 45 yuan soothing formula of Chinese herbal medicine essence, can clear the pulse, soothing meridians.

After taking a bath, you will feel soothed and relaxed, and the load of your mind will be swept away.


Low temperature VS dry pre-heating lotion absorbs faster. It seems that the lower the temperature, the easier the skin becomes “thirsty.”

Obviously, I have changed the nourishing and high-moisture cream, but I still can’t!

Looking deeper, it is actually the low temperature that slows down the process of “waking up” the active ingredients of the cream!

Therefore, before covering your skin with cold lotion, you may wish to pour out some warmth in the palm of your hand, or use a hair dryer to preheat it (for 10 seconds from 10 cm hot air).

When the cream becomes moisturized, the application process will be more enjoyable, and the skin will “eat” particularly quickly.

  ① Lanxi Bi natural organic body lotion (exclusive sale by Sephora) 218 yuan may be the reason for the special addition of African casein resin, the application feels particularly delicate and light.

There are two kinds of scent of lavender and verbena to choose from, which are both girls’ favorite flavors. The scent is more intense after heating.

  ② Dior Skin Rejuvenating and Restoring Body Tightening Cream 1200 yuan pink creamy texture, after absorption seems to form a layer of breathable protective film on the skin surface, soft and smooth.

It absorbs in a circle after heating, and absorbs particularly quickly.


The small movement of the scarf VS hair guarantees that a scarce scarf will bring warmth, and it will also make the short ends of the hair become fluffy and dry. Antistatic hair spray can solve this problem.

However, it should be sprayed before wearing the scarf (including the scarf and hair), and it will be very convincing if you just pinch it with your hands.

Also don’t forget this little action: curl your hair with one hand and wear a scarf around your neck with one hand.

Instead of taking a scarf and then pulling out the hair, the hair that has just been taken care of will instantly become frizzy.

  ① Shifen Beirun Nutrient Water 32 yuan unique nutrient water can evenly cover the surface of the hair, which can show a healthy luster while preventing static electricity.

  ② Watson’s Deep Hair Nourishing Spray 32.

9 yuan A water-milk mixed spray with a natural lavender fragrance. The upper layer is cashmere essence and the lower layer is transparent moisturizing essence.

Shake well before use, spray directly on the hair after fully mixing, moisturizing and anti-static.


Hats vs. stable hair roots are not afraid of cold weather. Hats are an important winter prop for commuting.

But you can’t always stand in the office, right?

Flattened hair when taking off the hat is a loss!

In this case, you can wet the hair root in the bathroom, and then spray the hair root with a styling product and lift it up.

This method seems simple, but there is one important point to master: the styling product must be applied to the fingertips, and it is easy to apply to the roots when it is pulled into the hair.

As long as the hair roots are stabilized, no major “oppression” will be feared.

  ①DHC hair styling foam (powerful type) 80 yuan can not only care for damaged hair, but also quickly shape the hairstyle as you like.

If you need to wear a hat, it is especially recommended for this powerful type. It is sweat- and moisture-resistant, not stiff and greasy, and has a faint fragrance.

  ② Schwarzkopf water-based modeling?

Curry 49 yuan is also called “Yanyan of Drunk Cool Party”. It has fruit milk flavor and lasting resistance. You don’t have to worry about being squashed by your hat, but it can also add shine to your hair.


Leather VS Fragrance Warm Fragrance is more for autumn and winter than leather. There are too many people who like to wear leather. If you like to use fragrance at the same time, troubles will follow.
The thick leather coat prevents the perfume from emitting, or produces a strange smell when mixed with perfume. What should I do?
The perfumer’s suggestion is to choose a warm leather scent directly, or perfumes based on iris and leather flowers will match the leather clothes very well.

If you don’t want to invest in another bottle of perfume at all, spray your favorite perfume on your scarf or neck and neck, and the bounce when walking will naturally radiate from the head, and will not be covered by the smell of skin.

  ① Guerlain Fig Iris Eau de Toilette The elegant and delicate iris tone, if it meets the skin, it will collide with a harmonious powdery tone, which is very flavorful.

  ②The pleasant leather scent of KellyCalèche perfume, spraying it can even cause the fine texture and soft touch of the leather, which is a perfect match for the leather clothes you wear.

The lungs are the umbrellas of the internal organs, and the lungs are raised first. The simple 5 movements are best for raising the lungs.

The lungs are the umbrellas of the internal organs, and the lungs are raised first. The simple 5 movements are best for raising the lungs.

Letting more people be healthy is my greatest happiness. I will share the knowledge of TCM health care every day. Friends who like health care can pay attention to me.

The lungs live in the chest, one on each side, the highest position, covering the internal organs, so it is known as the “canopy”.

Because the lungs are delicate, not resistant to cold and heat, and vulnerable to evil invasion, it is also known as “sweet”.

The lungs sucking the air and the spleen and stomach transport the water valley essence into a qi, the gas accumulates in the chest, through the action of the lungs, in and out of the throat to the Secretary to breathe, penetrate the heart and blood to qi and blood, and through the heart weekFlows throughout the body to maintain the functional activities of various organs and organs.

Therefore, the health of the lungs directly affects the health and longevity of the body, and the lungs are raised first.

Why do people get sick?

The main reason is that it is invaded by the six evils of nature (wind, cold, dampness, heat and dryness), especially the wind and cold, which is considered by Chinese medicine to be the source of all diseases. The most common way to invade the body is the skin pores.

The main fur of the lungs is open to the nose, and the first defensive barrier encountered after the disease is introduced into the body is the lung.

Therefore, the first thing that people appear in the cold is sneezing, runny nose and other respiratory symptoms.

The lungs are in the sputum. Under normal circumstances, the snot is moist and does not flow out.

The lung is affected by external evils and the first manifestation is nasal symptoms.

Nasal flow clearing is the performance of lung cold; nasal flow yellow turbidity is the performance of lung heat; nasal dryness is the performance of lung dryness.

The symptoms of the snot are the defensive signals that the lungs give to the owner of the body, hoping that the body will help expel the sick.

If the lungs can’t stop the disease, it will spread to other organs.

Why does it affect other dirty functions?

This is related to the function of the lungs.

1, the lungs declare that the lungs are scattered around the body and the skin is sweating. Khan is one of the ways of detoxification.

When the lungs are dissipated, the occlusion of the phlegm prevents the water from reaching the fur, and there is no sweat or spontaneous sweat, dry skin, and edema of the skin.

2, the lungs of the lungs to lower the lungs to absorb the natural gas, so that it converges inward and downward, the inhaled gas is released in the kidney, the kidney is sublimated by the lungs into the essence of the kidney, through the Du Meridian to the right,Maintain the central function of the brain.

The lungs are the highest in the organs, and the main line is water.

Chinese medicine says that the lung is the source of water, the water channel is circulated, the water is transported to the kidney, and the turbid fluid is excreted through the bladder after the kidney is vaporized.

Clinically, there is a severe cold that causes nephritis, and the lower extremity edema is due to the lungs’ declining, and there is a problem in the waterway.

There is also a state of sweating after heat or acute exercise. Suddenly, it will be affected by cold and cold, or if you take a cold shower immediately, there will be abdominal distension, and the urination will not appear.

These are all manifestations of the effects of other evil organs on the lungs.

3, the lungs declare weiqi, protect the internal organs, so it is called the cover of the internal organs, is the umbrella of the internal organs.

The human body ingests food through the spleen to digest and absorb, and transfers the body fluid and the water valley essence to the lungs. The lungs are responsible for dispersing the essence cloth to the organs, nourishing and nourishing the organs, and maintaining normal life activities.

Therefore, when the lungs are damaged, the nutritional supply of the internal organs will be affected to varying degrees.

5, the normal condition of the lungs in the lungs and large intestines is always moistened and moistened by the body fluid.

When the lungs lose moisture, it will affect the water supply of the large intestine, dry stools, constipation and so on.

The lungs are visible to our body.

People can not eat in a day, or they can drink water in a day, life will not be very dangerous, but life can leave breathing all the time.

The lung is responsible for the absorption of the gas, the blood supply of the whole body, the health of the internal organs, and the three major detoxification pathways (feces, urine, sweat) are closely related to the lungs.

Therefore, the health of the lungs determines the health of the body.

In modern society, air pollution is getting more and more serious, and the damage to the lungs is increasing. Do we need to maintain our delicate devices?

So how do we maintain our lungs in our daily routine?

First, coughing to keep the lungs clean and inhaling harmful substances that are harmful to the body is unavoidable, but we can minimize this damage to the lungs by coughing this natural barrier.

In the morning, in the practice of fresh air, take a deep breath, slowly raise the steps when you take in deep breath, then do a coughing action, and will suffocate and suffocate.
Repeat this many times, insist on doing this every day, so that the lungs can be kept clean, and foreign substances and other substances that are not conducive to the human body are allowed to stay in the respiratory tract and the lungs.
Second, abdominal breathing exercise lung function in the week to do abdominal breathing can also exercise lung function well.

The abdominal breathing method makes the abdomen sag when inhaling, and the breathing method that makes the abdomen concave when exhaling.

It should be noted that the abdominal breathing should be deep and slow, and try to use the nose with less.

Abdominal breathing helps increase ventilation.

Usually, we often use chest breathing, especially in the upper part of the lungs. The alveoli, which accounts for 4/5 of the lungs, is resting.

In the long run, the middle and lower lobe leaves are not exercised, which easily degrades lung function.

Deep abdominal breathing can restore the defects of chest breathing and make the whole lungs move, which is a good way to strengthen lung function.

Often doing abdominal deep breathing exercise, the body can get excess oxygen, but also meet the brain’s demand for oxygen, making people full.

Abdominal breathing is often used, which can also regulate the gastrointestinal tract well, and is also beneficial for preventing constipation.

Third, diet to raise lungs 1, eat more white food such as: white radish, Sydney, white fungus, yam, lily, etc., you can also put them together as a food to speed up repair.

For example: Tremella Sydney water, yam white radish water, nourish the lungs have a better effect.

2, drink Qingfei tea Su Ye almond tea almond Xuanfei cough, Su Ye has a wide chest and qi.

Orange black tea has the effect of clearing away lungs and relieving cough and qi.

Fourth, tapping the lungs through the lungs in the stomach, running down the large intestine, then running up the lungs, into the trachea, throat, in the opposite upper limbs down the forearm palm in the palm of the big fish, less business points.

That is, the probability that the arm bends against the thumb.

If the lung function is insufficient, there will be obvious pain points when tapping.

The average person is more obvious than the acute pain on the right side, because Chinese medicine believes that the lungs rise and fall in the body.

In the pain point, you can press 揉 3-5 minutes, and the pain points will be obviously relieved or disappeared after a few days of continuous sputum. The general rule is not painful. If there is no pain, the lungs will run smoothly.

The best time to beat the lungs TCM believes that the twelve meridians of the human body correspond to twelve hours a day, and the lungs run for 3-5 o’clock in the morning, but because people are sleeping during this time, the lungs are called the sun.We alternated with the operation of the same name of the Taiyin-Taiyin Spleen, which was run from 9:00 to 11:00 am.

When there are obvious symptoms of pulmonary symptoms, you should always find it to be combed at any time. Someone wakes up around 3 in the morning every day. This is the obvious symptom of the lungs, because it is combed in time.

Usually, pay attention to protecting our lungs, including avoiding smoking, second-hand smoke, soot, cold, etc., the lungs are healthy, and the internal organs have a protective umbrella for sheltering the wind and rain, and the health of the body is guaranteed.

How to increase children’s intelligence

How to increase children’s intelligence

Experts point out that the nutritional supplement drugs of the brain can be obtained in people’s normal diet. As long as the food is reasonably matched and the scientific diet is developed, the nutrition that the brain needs may not depend on “brain supplement drugs”.

  Parents expect their children to be smart and scholastic.

Jackie Chan ‘s parents who are too hopeless have set their sights on various “brain supplements”, but brain supplements also have their indications.

  Mental retardation: Lack of a substance in children with symptomatic treatment can cause mental retardation.

For example, when a baby lacks vitamin B12, in addition to causing anemia, neurological disorders may occur, which are manifested as continuous anesthesia throughout the body, mental retardation, and slow response to the outside world.

Thyroxine is also related to children’s intellectual development. When various congenital factors reduce the thyroid hormone secreted by children’s thyroid, it can cause the child’s growth and development to slow down and mental retardation. It is medically known as “staying sick”.

To give this kind of children appropriate to take some brain medicine counseling treatment, their self-control ability and attention can be improved.

  Normal development: Messy medicine is counterproductive. The “brain tonics” currently on the market can basically be divided into unsaturated molecular weights (such as deep-sea fish oil), supplement brain nutrients (such as lecithin, cerebral phospholipids), and improve cerebral cortex excitement.Degrees, promote blood circulation in the brain, and so on.

Studies have found that unsaturated fatty acids have a good effect on the development of brain cells and the growth of neurites, and can promote the brain development of young children within two years of age.

  Experts point out that the nutritional supplement drugs of the brain can be obtained in people’s normal diet. As long as the food is reasonably matched and the scientific diet is developed, the nutrition that the brain needs may not depend on “brain supplement drugs”.

Relying on drug stimulation alone to improve learning efficiency is not consistent with “brain tonic” in the true sense, and you can be cautious about eating nutritious foods containing drugs.

If adolescents often eat foods containing ginseng, royal jelly, etc., even if they will cause a large appetite and ample metabolism in the short term, since these supplements mainly contain hormones or hormone-like substances, prolonged use will cause physiological development abnormalities and endless problems.

Teach you to test your boyfriend’s character from small details

Teach you to test your boyfriend’s character from small details

Translation: A couple is playing on a gondola.

When the gondola reached mid-air, the woman seemed to speak to the man suddenly.

Which sentence do you think?


Today we will use it at that white hotel 2.


You see, that beach lake is so beautiful 3.


I’m so scared, save me 4

Oops, how slow is the speed? Is there something happening? Test results: 1.

Those who choose “We are in the parking lot of that white hotel today” choose this answer, move forward towards the goal, have a strong ambition, do not want to depend on others, do not fear hardships, fail without hesitation, and have the persistence to the end.

Because he is strict with himself, he wins the trust of the surroundings, especially admired by his subordinates and younger generations.


Choose “Wow!

You see, the people who choose this answer are pretty good. They know their way of doing things well, and they are eager to take care of themselves. They can both cooperate with the crowd and slowly squeeze their strength.

Slow working out of the fine type, although on the surface is not good at communication, but virtually everyone becomes your friend.


Choose “Yeah!

I’m so scared, “Save me quickly” is independent and lacks perseverance and perseverance. Often because of small setbacks or unsatisfactory, it is abandoned halfway.

Making friends does not have to be reluctant, choosing to be a teacher and a friend, and like-minded partners can help each other to realize their potential and move towards the goal.


The choice is “wow, how slow is the speed? Is there something happening?”

Thinking too much, and thinking about it again and again, caused myself to be trapped and unable to use his talents.

It’s up to the courage and practice to open the way.