The most accurate personality test

The most accurate personality test

First, Phil Personality’s 10 Test Questions1. When do you feel best?

  A, morning; B, afternoon and evening; C, 2 at night, you walk A, brisk walking; B, brisk walking; C, unhappy, head up to the world; D, unhappy, lowHead; E, very slow 3, when talking to someone, A, standing with arms crossed; B, holding both hands tightly; C, placing one or both hands in front; D, touching or pushing to talk to youPeople; E, playing with your ears, touching your chin or trying to fix your hair 4, when sitting and resting, you A, both hands close together; B, legs crossed; C, legs straight; D, one leg55, when you encounter something that makes you laugh, your response is A, laugh with appreciation; B, laugh, but not loud; C, laugh softly; D, smile shyly 6, when you去一个聚会或社交场合时你A,很大声地入场以引起注意; B,安静地入场,找你认识的人; C,非常安静地入场,尽量保持不被人注意  7、当你非常专心工作时,有人打断你你会  A、欢迎他;  B、感到非常恼怒;  C、在上述两极端之间  8、下Of the column colors, which one do you like best?
  A, red or orange; B, black; C, yellow or light blue; D, green; E, dark blue or purple; F, white; G, brown or gray 9, minutes before you fall asleep, you areThe posture on the bed is A, lying on his back, straightening; B, lying on his back, straightening; C, lying on his side, slightly curled up; D, sleeping on one arm with his head; E, quilt over his head 10, you often dream of AFall; B, fight or struggle; C, find something or people; D, fly or float; E, you usually do not dream; F, your dreams are all happy II, impact criteria: 1, A2 B4 C6 2, A6 B4 C7 D2 E1 3, A4 B2 C5 D7 E6 4, A4 B6 C2 D1 5, A6 B4 C3 D2. The total analysis score is lower than 21 points: introverted pessimist.

Most companies don’t like this personality.

  21 points to 30 points: a lack of confidence for the picky.

Suitable for editing and accounting digital and auditing work.

  31 points to 40 points: Self-protector for tooth.

Has the broadest adaptability.

  41 points to 50 points: a balanced middleman.

Suitable for human resources work.

  51 to 60: attractive adventurer.

Suitable for market development and sales work.

  60 points or more: Arrogant lonely.

Usually talented, but poor communication skills, can be used for research and development guidance.