Why are women improper full-time wives?

Why are women improper full-time wives?

In ancient times, people were male and female, and after a woman got married, she only needed to add a husband and a son to serve her in-laws.

Now there are full-time wives around us, but not many of them can live and taste.

When we are confronted with the pressure of working outside, the mentality of the full-time wife also bears the challenge, and even wants to get out of the home.

Why is there such a mentality?

Let’s take a look and find out.

  Full-time wives mean no job, no need to go out to work to earn money, only responsible for the family ‘s food and clothing, reducing the trouble of work, but they are also very burdensome. They need to be good mothers, good wives, and goodChef and cleaner.

  But in fact, the “full-time wife” in today’s Chinese society is usually the wife of a rich person. They do not work because they have to take care of the family.Bear it.

At the same time, becoming a full-time wife is also vulnerable to loss of security, because once you have no job in China it means that you cannot participate in social health care, pension and other security systems. What are the four reasons for not being a full-time wife?

Let’s watch it together.

  First: Life is boring. Being a full-time wife leads to a dull life and less fun.

It is said that the marriage life is bland and strange, so it is even more boring to be a full-time wife.

A full-time wife rarely comes in contact with other people. She cooks at home in the morning and evening. If she suddenly does not cook at home one day, it is abnormally difficult for her husband to accept, and many husbands may not go home for dinner.

  The full-time wife faces Chaimiyouyan every day and lives with her children.

If the child grows up to study, the life of a full-time wife is most likely to lead to psychological defects.

If a lifestyle is not fun, it is equivalent to choosing a life without regret.

  Second: The full-time wife who has lost viability is not short of money.

It is difficult to keep up with the pace of social development without communicating with the outside world, and it is unwilling to invest time in learning new knowledge and not being able to grasp the latest information.

Slowly, it will lead to a lack of viability. If there are three long and two short in the family, life will be very passive.

From the perspective of social development, a full-time wife is a person who is not adapted to social development.

  Third: Losing self Losing self is actually a fatal situation for a person who is seeking.

Because many full-time wives will not cultivate their hobbies, some photography, golf, literature, music, etc., become a person without artistic sentiment and connotation.

Without personality is equal to the person’s innocence, making it difficult for others to remember and appreciate.

People and brands are the same. Only with personality can differentiated brands be viable and not easily replaced by other brands.

  Fourth: Losing the favor of a full-time wife does everything a bit like a nanny, with no technical content other than a sense of responsibility.

Every day I deal with the complicated affairs at home, very mother-in-law.

As a senior nanny who cooks at home with children one day, waiting for her husband to go home to eat and go to bed every day, in the long run, it is easy to make her husband a little annoying.

  Most men who can support a full-time wife have a career like a sky-high, contacting various excellent people, including excellent and capable women. Once they make a subconscious comparison and consider the perception of love, they must have no feeling for the full-time wife.

It is just the responsibility to keep a full-time wife.

  Of course there are happiness.

But in addition to seeing the husband as a certain person, a happy full-time wife must also be able to face and get used to a bland life, adjust her own mood, and be very forgiving about her husband’s various behaviors.Time is the time of marriage crisis, so you must be careful when choosing to be a full-time wife.