Looking at health from your face teaches you to look at disease through your face

Looking at health from your face teaches you to look at disease through your face

No complexion, pale complexion, and other complexions can actually grind our health. From the face, health has existed since ancient times, because the face is one of the reflection areas of our body. Let ‘s take a look today.Looking at health, how to adjust your face, I hope it can help everyone.

  Looking at the healthy face from the face can reflect our physical condition, including heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, and let’s take a look.

  1. The reflex area of the reproductive system is in people and around the lips.

If a woman has a mole under her lips, a cripple, a red jaw, and a relatively reflective area of her kidneys, it means that the person has a backward uterus and a sore waist.

If a woman has moles, cripples around her lips, and the kidney reflex area is not good, or the woman’s lips are blue, black or white, and the kidney’s reflex area is not good, these two conditions generally prove that the person reproducesThere is a problem with the system.

If a woman has a mule, it is usually a disease in her womb.

If a man has moles, cripples, and kidney reflex areas that are not good last week, it means that the person has a problem with the reproductive system.

If the upper lips of a man over 40 years old are thicker, the prostate may be enlarged; if the upper lips have acne, and those who are healthy and born, may be prostatitis.

The male upper lip is uneven and has grooves, which is male reproductive dysfunction, and the redness on both sides of the male upper lip is also prostatitis.

  2. The heart reflection area is at the bridge of the nose between the corners of the eyes, where the horizontal stripes or stripes are more obvious, which proves that the arrhythmia or the heart condition is not good; if the horizontal stripes appear deep and there are deep vertical stripes on the tongue(Ditch), there may be a more serious heart disease.

Offenders generally have a small bowel function; they can also cause diseases such as blood vessels, brain, thyroid, and parathyroid glands.

Wrinkles in the lower ear and lips are coronary heart disease, and purple lips are a heart disease.

  3. The brain reflex area is between the two eyebrows. If vertical lines appear here, the vertical lines are very deep and the area is red.Irritability and so on.

  4. Is the chest and chest healthy? The face can also be trimmed, so what kind of changes on the face indicate that the chest is unhealthy?

  The reflection area is between the corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose.

If this part of the man is obscure or dark, it means that his chest is tight and short of breath.

If the woman is obscured or dark in this area, it means that her breasts are tender during menstruation.

There are spots on the upper eyelids, and acne-like symptoms in this part of the boil or closed eyes, indicating that there is lobular hyperplasia in women’s breasts and pleurisy in men.

If there is a small packet in the corner of the eye of a woman, it means that the woman has hyperplasia of the breast or mastomas.

  5. The liver reflex area is between 1/2 of the two eyebrows and above the temple, 1/3 of the forehead, and the middle of the bridge of the nose (that is, the highest point of the bridge of the nose).

If these two parts are dark or spotty, and the person is younger or richer boss or officer, it may be auntie liver.

If there are acne (pimple) in these two areas or one of them, it proves that the person is hot.

If there are spots on the temples, the liver function is weak.

If there is a spot on the bridge of the nose, it may be that the liver is fierce, the mood is unstable, and menopause.

If there are obvious classes in both places, and the face is dull and gloomy, it looks ugly, and the person is relatively thin, which means that the person has liver disease.

There is a mole in the center of the eyebrow, the eyes are yellow, and the complexion is very yellow.

It may be cancer or tumor from the nose to the nose!

  6, the spleen reflex area in the nose.

If the nose is red or rosacea or the nose is swollen, it is proved that the spleen is hot or splenomegaly. It usually feels heavy head, face pain, upset, etc.

If the nose has yellow or white hair, it is spleen deficiency, and there will be excessive sweating, fear of wind, lazy limbs, burnout, and indulgence.

  7. Lung and lung health have always been known to us. When there is a problem in the lungs, what will happen to the face?

  (Respiratory system, throat, trachea, tonsils, etc.): The reflection area is between 1/2 of the eyebrows; the position of 1/3 below the forehead.

If the middle of the forehead is relatively concave, and the color is dull, or is blue, or has spots, it means that the person has a lung disease and is not breathing.

If there are ulcers, mules, or whitish spots on both eyebrows, the person has a pharynx.

Laryngitis, or tonsillitis, or chest tightness, shortness of breath, or lung disease.

There is a prediction of the upper part of the brow, and there is also a lung disease.

People with poor lung function generally have poor bowel function.

  How to adjust the face is not good 1, how to adjust the yellow face Cause: spleen and stomach.  Conditioning: intake of sugar, regular diet.

  ① Placing a glass of water or a cactus in front of the computer can effectively prevent radiation.

Minimize sitting at the computer.

  ② You must go to sleep before 12 o’clock. Effective sleep can ensure that certain functions of the body function normally. Exercise more often and sweat more, which can effectively eliminate toxins and effectively improve the problem of yellowing.

  ③ Eat more foods such as red dates, stewed lotus seeds, jujube, longan and other blood tonic.

  ④ If you don’t need to lose weight, eat more sweets, chocolates and cakes.

  2. How to adjust the cause of blushing: liver and gallbladder.

  Conditioning: Eat sour foods, stay angry, and soak your feet in hot water.

  ① Being angry or nervous can hurt the liver. Try to maintain a calm and peaceful mind.

It is important to maintain a good mood.

  ② Eat more cereals, such as glutinous rice, black rice, and sorghum.

Eat more yellow-green, sour foods, such as spinach, rape, celery, orange, etc.

  ③ The recovery of the liver and the purification of blood are performed during sleep, so the liver should fall asleep before 23:00.

  3, how to adjust the cause of redness: cardiovascular.

  Conditioning: Eat bitter food, calm down.

  ① It is important to keep a good mood.

  ② Try not to use cosmetics containing heavy metals to avoid pigmentation and toxins remaining on the epidermis.

  ③ Frequently massage red blood cells, promote blood flow, and enhance capillary elasticity.

Hot red blood capillaries can be used cold to reduce facial fever and swelling.

  ④ Avoid sudden changes from cold places to hot places, or from hot places to cold places, causing red blood cells to worsen.

  ⑤ Eat bitter foods such as bitter gourd.

Taboo spicy, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, fat sea, liquorice drink.

  4, how to adjust the cause of darkening: kidney.

  Conditioning: Eat seafood properly and drink warm water.

  ① Patients with dark faces must pay attention to cleaning the facial skin and eat more detox food in life.

  ② For netizens who often use computers, be sure to remember to use a cream, and apply a small amount of topical VE emulsion on the spot.

  ③ Add more vitamins A, C, E to fruits and vegetables, eat watermelon, apple, lemon squeezed juice, eat cooked carrots more.

  5. How to adjust the cause of blushing: lung and large intestine.

  Conditioning: eat spicy food such as mustard, onion, mint.

  ① Make up for what you lack, eat more nuts, fruits, beans, fish, chicken and other foods.

If necessary, eat red dates and wolfberry.

  ② Multi-use mint tea.

  ③ Put more green onions for cooking, you can cook onion and white porridge to adjust skin tone.

  ④ It is recommended to eat lean meat, supplement iron, and eat vitamin C.

  Summary: The face can help us better judge our physical health. From the change of face color, it can allow us to trim the health of the body. Therefore, if there is an abnormal change in our face, we must pay attention to it and check the body.Cause health damage.