Car addiction is also a disease

Car addiction is also a disease

Yu Ping, 26, has been a waitress in a star-rated restaurant since the age of 19. At the age of 22, she has become the “Miss PR” of the hotel’s public relations department.

Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, she doesn’t know how many businessmen, foreign guests, and grandfathers, sisters, eat, drink and chat.

She had become accustomed to it and even got bored.

But she found a strange change: her interest in limousines was high and growing.

  She wants to accompany some guys in the car, and she also wants to drive by herself.

According to her own statement, whether by car or by car, each has its own enjoyment and happiness.

In the beginning, her enjoyment and happiness mainly focused on spiritual feelings, and gradually she derived physical comfort and beauty from pure spiritual feelings.

When she sits in the backseat, as long as she closes her eyes, she will produce a series of rich fantasy. The content of the fantasy is naturally not the flower and the moon.In the arms of a certain young president or Arab prince, they either caressed or kissed madly until they had sex . she said that to reach this feeling, driving 20-30 minutes was enough!

  If she drives by herself, it is impossible to enter a state of sexual fantasy because she needs concentration of mind. By touching certain parts in the driver’s car, she evokes her sexual pleasure close to touching the hand of her lover. The body and sensitive parts are as pleasant andComfortable.

Therefore, she likes sitting alone in the driver’s cab. Others have no way of knowing what she is doing. She is in love with the car. Every time she is sexually impulsive and reaches orgasm.

  When asked if she had ever had actual sexual contact and actual sex, she positively shook her head to deny it.

She said she didn’t like sitting too close to the man in the car.

She hated the frivolous women and hugged men in the car.

What she needed was the impulse that the limousine gave her and the enchanting sexual illusion that followed.

In her life experience, she has never obtained such an airy pleasure and satisfaction in any form (including masturbation).

  It is a “pity” that she was intoxicated by herself, but was “ruined” by a negligent traffic violation after a moment of smugness.

It was a rush hour of extended work in the evening.

She drove a Mercedes-Benz sedan “borrowed” from the hotel and headed down the road with a red light in front of her, and she instinctively braked the car.

She knows that this is the red lights of the six arterial roads, which usually stop for about two minutes. She relaxed her nervousness and shifted her hands involuntarily. She just entered her sexual fantasies. The green light in front was on. SheThe car was still parked there, and the horn behind him couldn’t wake her up until the traffic police knocked on her window and found her eyes narrowing.

  From then on, she lost this job and became a singing lady in the ballroom. The income was considerable, but she did not know how to spend the money reasonably, but she was still fascinated by the limousines parked in the hotel.Fang Xiuli’s face can often talk about driving some drivers to let her go for a ride. If it is the car she loves, and she can’t move the driver, she will give “tips” for a few hundred dollars.

Then she had a clever idea and adopted a deceptive method.

Select from her accumulated business cards (she has marks on all limousines), and then call the owner’s mobile phone, saying that she is the public relations manager of a certain hotel or posing as the leading secretary of a certain agency, lying that the superior urgently needs the car,Ask the driver to drive to the door of a company.

After getting in the car, she was called to go somewhere to pick up the leader, and she sat in the back seat to begin her sexual fantasies.

In this way, the upper left, starboard, left to right, and back again and again to cheat, even tried and tested.

Of course, it is unavoidable to use the means of saying little favors and small favors to the driver.

  As the saying goes, “How often can you walk by the river without getting your shoes wet”, and finally got pierced in another scam.

She was tempted by Cadillac to a large company. She loved the car so much that she usually put it back after only 30 minutes to complete it once. But this time it was an exception. It took a full hour to turn.As a result, the car owner checked the situation through the phone and the car borrowing unit and found her fraud. After being tried by the judicial department, she was forced to undergo forced labor for six months.

After coming out, her bad habits did not change (because she didn’t explain the real reason to cheat the car), and she spent almost one or two hundred yuan every day to buy a premium car driver for her enjoyment.

When replenishing the data at hand, various tricks are still used to confuse the owner and driver.

Her second time in labor camp was while the driver was unprepared to drive the car door, sitting next to Lincoln in the cab, stroking, and started the car intentionally.

Suspected of car theft on his back, plus a previous record, he was reeducated through labor for a year and a half (because of his good performance and six months in advance).

But she still didn’t tell the truth in this reeducation through labor.

  Her parents are deeply disturbed and perplexed by this unruly disciplinary behavior of her daughter.

Although she has converged after the two previous punishments, it is really difficult to reduce the impulse of car love from the heart. With all kinds of advice from her parents, she only spoke out about her psychology of car addiction. In order to avoid breaking the law again,The parents took her to the psychological counseling room of the hospital . The doctor commented: We cannot easily think of this kind of “love car” as a general anti-social bad behavior, because her interference in illegal activities is generated by touching or riding the car body.Sexual fantasies, boots reach sexual orgasm and satisfaction, so they have similarities with fetishism in sexual perversion.

From the perspective of pathological psychology, there are also two points that are in line with fetish characteristics: one is that I have an irresistible impulse to the car, and I can’t restrain the temptation if I know it should not; the other is that although sexual satisfaction is generated through the car, butShe is immoral to men (coupling with drivers and using pornography is just a means to achieve her purpose), and she does not have any sexual contact in the armed song and dance service.

She said limousines were the object of her sex.

  This kind of fetishism is very rare. It marks the rapid development of the economy today. Like other social phenomena, people’s psychological activities are always affected by the environment. There is no car fetish without a car.

Moreover, it also shows that fetishism is not owned by men.  In sexual metamorphosis, it is usually divided into two types: sexual purpose inversion and sexual object inversion.

And fetishism has the dual nature of intentional inversion and objectivity inversion.

A normal person, his or her sexual object is naturally the opposite sex, and its sexual purpose is naturally sexual intercourse. A car is a thing, not a person, let alone a person and a car.

For the treatment of this case, we follow the principles of cognitive and behavioral therapy.

In the field of cognitive therapy, we have improved our ideology through multiple exchanges and dialogues with patients, guidance and necessary social legal education.

But in terms of behavioral therapy, because the car is a physical object that breaks down general objects, it is not possible to adopt aversion therapy measures. In addition to diverting her attention (participating in daytime labor) and minimizing contact with limousines, she cultivates hobbies and interests (mainly(Sports and singing), but also has some effects.

But the involuntary urge often shakes her restraint.

Therefore, we have followed the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder. We recommend that I and my family must continue to take it for 2-3 years. Do not “take it when you see it!”