Latin kernel (Latin SemenCoicis English name CoixSeed) also known as barley kernel, barley rice, barley kernel, soil corn, barley rice, kiwi, rice ball, Huihui rice, rice kernel, Liuguzi.

Is a commonly used Chinese medicine.
It is also common. The foods that I eat often have a sweet and slightly cold nature, which is beneficial for swelling of the water, strengthening the spleen and dampness, relieving muscles and removing paralysis, and clearing heat and purging pussy.

Ren is another kind of beauty food. Regular food can keep the human skin shiny and delicate, eliminate acne, freckles, age spots, pregnancy spots, butterfly spots, and have good effects on desquamation, fine sores, cleft palate, and rough skin.

  Indica is a good supplement for medicinal use.

According to laboratory analysis of the pharmaceutical sector, indica contains protein 16.

2%, aunt 4.

6%, sugars 79.


Stewed pork feet, pork ribs and chicken with indica rice in winter is a nourishing food.

In summer, porridge with barley or iced barley for cold drinks is also a good tonic for summer heat.

The kernels and roots of barley can be used to cure diseases.

Li Shizhen recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: 薏 Mi Neng “to strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish the lungs and clear the heat, remove wind and dampness.

Cook meals and cure air-conditioning.

Decoction, hot urine.

“A large amount of scientific research and clinical practice have proven that Indica is still an anti-cancer drug. Preliminary identification has shown that its cure rate for cancer can reach more than 35%.

No wonder a folk ballad in Guilin sings like this: “Barley rice is better than ganoderma lucidum. It has high medicinal and nutritional value. If you eat it often, you can prolong your life.

[Sexual taste]Sweet and cold.

  ① “The Book”: sweet and slightly cold.

  ② “Do not record”: non-toxic.

  ③ “Materia Medica”: flat sex.

  ④ “Materia Medica”: sweet and light, slightly cool.

  [Meridian]Enter the spleen, lung, and kidney meridians.

  ① “Outline”: Yangming.

  ② “Lei Gong Cannon Pharmaceutical Sexual Solution”: enter the lung, spleen, liver, stomach, and large intestine.

  ③ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: into the spleen and kidney.

  [Function Indication-Coix Seed Effect]Strengthens the spleen, nourishes the lungs, clears heat, and dampens.

  Treatment of diarrhea, wet paralysis, tendon and vein contracture, unflexible flexion and extension, edema, athlete’s foot, lung dysentery, pulmonary dysentery, intestinal dysentery, cloudy, leucorrhea

  ① “The Book”; the main tendon contracted urgently, unflexible extension, rheumatism paralysis, dying.

  ② “Do not record”: In addition to the bones and evil, irritable Qi, stomach, edema, edible.

  ③ “Medicine theory”: the main lungs suffocate qi, spit pus and blood, cough and saliva.

  Decoction of broken Wuxi swollen.

  ④ “Medicinal Herbal Therapy”: dry and wet athlete’s foot.

  ⑤ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: warm air, the Lord quenches thirst.

  Kill maggots.

  ⑥ “Introduction to Medicine”: the main qi is wrong, the heart chest is wrong.

  Outline “Outline”: strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing the lungs and clearing heat, and removing wind and dampness.

  Cooking meals, curing air-conditioning; fried drinks, urination and hot shower.
  National “Pharmacology of Chinese Medicine”: Treatment of hydrops in the stomach.
  ”Chinese Medicine Sketch Book”: Treatment of pulmonary edema, wet peritonitis, dysuria, chronic diseases, chronic ulcers.

  [Usage and Dosage]Oral: Jiantang, 0.

3-1 two; or human powder.

  [Should be avoided]The spleen will be difficult to replace and take caution with women.

  ① “Compendium of Materia Medica”: dry stools, small water shortages due to cold, tendons due to cold, spleen deficiency and dampness.

  Gestational diabetes.

  ② “Ben Cao Tong Xuan”: Those who fall under the falsehood and fall into the sun are not suitable.

  [Selection]① The patient is suffering from pain, fever, sundial, and rheumatism. The disease is caused by sweating when the wind is in the wind, or by cold for a long time.)), One or two licorice (), two half of barley kernels, ten almonds (peeled, pointed, fried).

  Shangsha Madou is big, each serving costs four dollars, one and a half water, cook for eight minutes, go to warm clothes, there is a slight sweat to avoid the wind.

  (“Essence of Golden Deficiency” Ephedra Almond and Licorice Soup) ② For rheumatism, numbness of limbs, soreness of lumbar spine: a pound of barley kernel, parasitic true mulberry, Angelica sinensis, Chuan Xuanchuan, CangshuiFour or two each.

  Divided into sixteen, decoction.

  (“Guangji Recipe”) ③ Governing chronic rheumatism, replenishing qi, relieving gastrointestinal tract, eliminating edema, removing evil qi in the chest, curing tendon and veins constriction: barley kernel at the end, rice porridge in the same year, eclipse.

  (“Outline” Coix kernel porridge) ④ to rheumatism, strong bones and spleen and stomach: Coix kernel powder, brewed with Tongji rice, or boiled in the bag to drink.

  (“Outline” barley wine) ⑤ cure edema and wheezing: Yu Liren two or two.

  Grind, use water to filter the juice, boil the rice, and eat it every day.

  (“Lone Travel”) ⑥ treatment of lung, saliva, pus and blood: Coix seed twelve.

  Crush the pestle, three liters of water, fry one liter, and serve with a small amount of wine.

  (“Meishi Master Examination Recipe”) Those who treat lungs, cough and saliva, who have the wrong chest and chest armor: boil the boiled kernels with Chun bitter wine and serve them gently.

  If the lungs have blood, they should spit out more.

  (“Fan Wang Fang”) ⑧ treatment of pulmonary hemoptysis: Coix seed three.

  Smashed, two large bottles of water, some wine, divided into two servings.

  (“Ji Sheng Fang”) ⑨ treatment of intestinal dysentery, its body is wrong, the abdomen is anxious, according to the swollen, swollen, no accumulation of the abdomen, the body without heat, the number of pulses, this is the intestines with purulent pus:Aconite scores two points and loses five points.

  The upper three flavors, with the pestle as the end, take a square inch dagger, use two liters of water, fry for half, serve, and urinate immediately.

  (“Introduction to the Lack of Gold”: Fuzi Zibai San) ⑩ Treatment of intestines: one liter of coix seed, three peony skins, two peaches, and two liters of melon.

  Serve the four flavors, use six liters of water, boil two liters, and serve.

  (“Thousands of Gold Recipes”) Zhi Zhi Detox Drinking Water: Coix seed boiled porridge drink, and cook porridge to eat it.

  (“Outline”) ⑿ treatment of hot sand and gravel, pain is unbearable: jade 秫 (seeds, leaves, roots are available), hot water decoction, cold drinks in summer and months, the degree is Tong.

  (“Yang’s Experience Recipe”)[Clinical application]For the treatment of acute fractures, take two pairs of freshly harvested barley kernel rice, mix it with rice, cook it with rice or porridge, take it once a day, and take it continuously until it heals.

  Treatment of 23 cases, 7-16 days after medication, 11 cases were cured, 6 cases of unknown effect, 6 cases were ineffective.

  After taking the medicine until the rash disappears, most patients have a therapeutic response: the lesions become enlarged and become red, and the radiation increases. After continuing to take the medicine for several days, the lesions gradually dry and desquamate and even fade.

  [Master Baseline]① “Ben Cao Yan Yi”: Bian Ren, “The Book” cloud, slightly cold, the main tendon is anxious.

  There are two types of restraint: in the note of “Su Wen”, when the big tendon is heated, it is shortened and shortened, so it is anxious and not stretched. This is because of the heat, it can be used.Or, do n’t use it more.

  Wherever it is used, it must be doubled.

  This material has a gentle force and must be doubled for immediate results.

  Covering the cold can make people tense, if heated, it can make people tendon, if it is hot but never cold, it can also ease people’s tendons, and it will cause weakness after being wet.

  ② “Outline”: Tongren Yangming medicine also can strengthen the spleen, stomach, and deficiency will make up its mother, so the lungs and lungs are used.

  The disease of the bones and bones is based on the treatment of Yangming, so the contraction of the muscles is urgent, and those with wind paralysis should use it.

  Soil can win water and dehumidify, so it is used for diarrhea and edema.

  According to Gu Fang Xiao Xu Ming Tang Zhu Yun: Stroke tends to be constricted, the language is delayed, the pulse string person, plus coixen, also helps the spleen and liver.
  In the “Han Han Book” Yun, Ma Yuan is in Jiaoji, tastes the bait, and Yun can lighten his body and save his desire to win.
  Another Zhang Shizheng’s “Tired Journey” cloud, Xin Jiaxuan suddenly suffered from kidney disease, fell heavily, as big as a cup, a person taught to use beaded pearls and fried on the east wall yellow, boiled for ointment, a few servings disappear.

  Cheng Sha followed the illness, and Jia Xuan taught it, and it worked.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica” is a top-notch nourishing medicine.

  ③ “Shu Jing Jing Shu”: Coix seed, dryness can dehumidify, sweet can enter the spleen to nourish the spleen, and light can leak, so the main tendon is anxious and inflexible and rheumatism, in addition to muscles and bones, irritable, stomach, and stomachEdema is edible.
  In short, the wet evil goes to the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach is to treat Jiaozhi, and Zhongjiao Zhi can raise all limbs, and Tongli is also blood.

  Gan Yiyi spleen, dryness to dehumidify, spleen is swollen and spleen strong, spleen is strong to eat, if so, the disease has been cured without asking for it.

  ④ “Materia Medica”: 薏苡, sweet taste, slightly cool air, slightly reduced sex and leakage, so it can dehumidify water, use it to dehumidify, so it can benefit the joints, remove athlete’s foot, cure weak and weak paralysis,Eliminates edema and pain, facilitates hot urination, and also kills roundworms.

  Because of its slight drop, it also treats cough and saliva, which is beneficial to the stomach, and because of its cold nature, it can clear heat, quench irritability, and get angry.

  However, its skill is very slow, and it should be used as a ambassador.

  ⑤ “Pharmaceutical Pharmacology”: Barley rice, sweet and sweet, clear and turbid, can strengthen the spleen and yin, and benefit the stomach.

  Indications: dysentery and diarrhea, resulting in edema, slow rheumatism, and weakness in hands and feet, unable to flex and stretch.

  Gain was defeated by wet wins, while Tu Sheng was revived, swelling and self-reliance.

  Take it into the lungs, nourish the source, and use it to cure scorch and quench thirst.

  Then take its thick taste and sink, cultivate the lower part, use to treat beriberi and pain, red bowel leakage.

  If you cough up blood for a long time and eat less, if you use Qi and strength to slow, double use is not effective.

  ⑥ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Coix seed, dehumidification is not as good as Ershu to help dryness, heat is not as good as 芩, consecutive generations of yin, Qi is not as good as ginseng.

  However, its taste is mild and its power is relaxed.

  新 “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Coix seed is the most beneficial to the water, so as not to lose the true Yin Qi. Those who are wet in the lower body, the most suitable for use, depending on the severity of the disease, the number of drugs allowed, Yin and Yang will not hurt, and wet diseaseEasy to go.

  Therefore, in the case of water and dampness, use the barley kernel one or two as the king, and the spleen and spleen to dampen the taste, there is no one who is not quick to work, if it is thin and the smell is gentle and light, it is not beneficial.

  ”Ben Jing Shu Zheng”: The commentator said that Qi, dehumidification, harmony, spleen, spleen, and surgery are similar, but I do not know that there is a slight difference, and thousands of miles of error.

  Covered with cloud Huqi, the water temperature is slightly cold.

  To the taste of the cloud, the art of Ganxin and Gan Gan light.

  And the odor is thick and the odor is thin, so it is very different.

  This is covered in “A Brief Guide to Waste of Gold?”

“Penetrating the Wet Poems”, said that the wet family is in pain. When using ephedra plus surgery soup, it is advisable to sweat it. Do not attack it with fire.

  It is said that the sick suffers as much as possible, and the fever is played by the sundial. The name is rheumatism. The disease is caused by sweating when the wind, or caused by cold for a long time.

  Husbands who are bothered by the body are wet and cold; those who are all hurt by the body are wet and windy.

  Cold from yin and wind from yang.

  Those who are annoyed by the old age belong to the sun; the Tibetan drama writer who feeds on the hot day belongs to Yangming.

  Those who belong to the sun should sweat, those who belong to the yangming should be clear of heat, sweating so as to relieve the evil, and clearing the heat so that the evil is broken. The suppository used for surgery is sweating, and the heat is clear.

  Although, I am not only treating rheumatism, but also the main muscles are tightly contracted and cannot be flexed and stretched. The other is rheumatic fighting, the joints are painful and unflexible, the rheumatism is fighting.

Fu Shi’s words were stingy. He was treating Jiu Fengshi Bi, and non-healing Feng Shibi.

  However, the ephedra almond soup with licorice soup is non-violent?

Playing sweat in the wind, taking a cold for a long time, we know that it seems to be violent, but not violent.

  Fever sundial play.

  The wind and humidity will heat up, so we combined the ephedra almond and licorice and took it. The person with the rheumatism was crowned with typhoid fever for eight or nine days., Or take the aconite ginger, or take the aconite cinnamon sticks, and use both techniques, it can not be mixed into 薏苡 薏苡.

  The opposite of surgery and evil is the opposite. If you use this, you do n’t need the other. Without him, you are urgent in operation, slow in nature. If you use it together, you may be slow, you should be late, and you are hurt by impatience.
  Indications 1.

Cardiovascular effects: Inhibition of the respiratory center and dilation of peripheral vessels, especially pulmonary vessels2.
Anti-tumor: Especially the digestive tract tumor with spleen deficiency and dampness and lung cancer with damp phlegm and heat are more suitable3.
Enhances immunity and anti-inflammatory effects. Coix seed oil promotes cellular and humoral immunity. 4

Hypoglycemia: It can pressurize and dilate blood vessels and reduce blood sugar, especially for hypertension and hyperglycemia5.

Inhibition of skeletal muscle contraction: Coix seed can inhibit skeletal muscle contraction, reduce muscle contraction and change its fatigue curve; it can inhibit striated muscle contraction6.

Sedative, analgesic and antipyretic effects.

Good effect on patients with rheumatism and pain7.

Reduce blood calcium, delay aging, and improve the body’s immunity.


Edema; athlete’s foot; urinary leaching; wet temperature disease; diarrhea; rheumatism and pain; muscle vein restraint;

It is good for water swelling, spleen dehumidification, soothing muscles and removing paralysis, clearing heat and removing pus, etc. It is a commonly used medicine for diuresis and dampness.


Nourish hair, prevent hair loss and reduce hair softness.


Can whiten, smoothen skin, reduce wrinkles, and eliminate pigmentation spots.

It has obvious effect on acne and rough skin.


It is also effective for those who have excess moles on the skin and are rough and not smooth.


Rice is mainly used for dehumidification, and it seems to treat fractured warts.

  Use indica rice to cook porridge with yam, jujube, millet, or stir-fried indica rice before serving.

  Pay attention when washing the barley, first wash it gently with cold water, do not rub it hard, and soak it in cold water for a while.

The water used for soaking rice should be cooked with the rice and cannot be expanded. The nutrients contained in the decomposed indica rice are lost during soaking.

  Practice: first fry for 2 hours on low heat until slightly yellow, and then use a small stone to grind, so that the grinding effect is very good, you can apply externally and internally.

External application: Blend with water and locust nectar and add it to the mask. Inside, you can boil porridge and drink with water.


Mung bean barley porridge (also can be used as barley lily porridge) 1.

Wash two things and soak them overnight 2.

Dried or controlled 3.

Fry over low heat for 2 hours until the barley kernels turn yellow and the mung bean flour becomes ripe. 4

Grind the fried mung beans and barley kernels into powder 5.

Add two kinds of powder together and add sugar to make red bean paste, and eat it after freezing, it tastes really good B.

Honey and milk rice noodles mask 150g rice noodles, immersed in pure water for three hours, preferably mineral water, then boil it in a pot until the water is boiling, turn off the heat, pour the water into a large bowl, and lower the water temperature to about 20Add two spoonfuls of honey and half a cup of milk when mixing, cool after stirring, and put in the refrigerator.

After washing your face at night, apply this water-blister paper film for 20 minutes, and pat your neck with water at the same time, your face will look very good the next day, and your skin will become clearer and the pores will be much finer one month later.

  Materials: 1.

Mi Ren (also known as Indica, Indica, Mi Ren, available in supermarkets and Chinese pharmacies) 2.

Milk (skimmed milk is preferred, yogurt, fruit milk, milk powder, and coffee mate are not recommended) 3.

Honey 4.

Purified water (both mineral water and plain water) 5.

Paper film (supermarket, cosmetics store, online store including sales) Steps: 1.

Wash about 100 grams of indica rice (do too much at one time, it is easy to spoil, so a small amount is better).

  2.Put indica rice in a pot, put 4 times water (preferably mineral water), and soak for three hours.


After soaking, put the top pot DD on the stove, and boil it on a low heat for another 10 minutes and turn off the heat (it is better to cook a little)


Pour the water (hereinafter referred to as barley water) from the above pot into a covered container.

You can eat indica rice or dispose of it in the refrigerator.


When using, take it from the refrigerator, pour a little bit of rice water, a little milk, a spoonful of honey, and stir well.


Dip the masking paper in the agitated water and soak it.


Leave the mask on your body for 20 minutes.

  Efficacy: 1.

Twice morning and evening, 3-5 grams of cooked indica rice noodles, washed with warm water.

Take after meals.

It can moisturize the skin, whiten and moisturize, refreshing qi and blood circulation, and regulate menstrual pain.


5 grams of cooked indica rice noodles and 500 ml of warm water are used to make tea beverages, which can reduce thirst, relieve swelling, clear heat and detoxify.

Has nutritious hair, prevents hair loss and reduces hair softness.


Slimming soup: Boil fresh milk and add 3-5 grams of rice noodles, stir it.

Moisturizes the skin, whitens and moisturizes qi, promotes blood circulation, regulates menstruation and analgesia, and drains weight.


Barley porridge: Wash 15 grams of rice, 15 grams of mung beans, 15 barley and add water to make porridge.

Direct consumption can satisfy hunger, clearing heat and quenching thirst, nourishing the lungs, strengthening the spleen and stomach, clearing heat, removing rheumatism, and reducing edema.


Mung bean porridge: drink the fried barley kernels as tea, or grind the cooked barley rice, and take the rice noodles daily.

You can also add mung bean flour to make bean paste, cook mung bean porridge, mung beans and barley kernels are diuretic and improve the effect of edema.

Kernel itself has the effect of lightening dark spots and whitening the skin, while mung beans have a detoxifying effect, allowing the body to expel toxins as soon as possible.

For the beauty of mm, in addition to the whitening effect of barley porridge, it is also a low-calorie weight-loss food.


Barley porridge for acne: 50 grams of barley kernels, 15 grams of sugar.

Usage: Coix seed, boiled porridge and sugar, take once a day.


Wash 50 grams of barley and 15 grams of lilies, put them into a pot, add water to the pot, cook until the barley is hot, add honey and mix well.

  Features: sweet, hot, slightly fragrant. This porridge is often eaten, spleen and stomach, and skin freckle, can be used to treat female facial freckles, acne, eczema and other symptoms, and it is good for the beauty of young girls.


For money grass and rice porridge, put 30 grams of money grass into a casserole, add water to cook for half an hour, filter the juice and leave the juice, add 100 grams of espresso to cook porridge, add an appropriate amount of sugar to serve.

  [Efficacy]Diuretic, row of stones, Tonglin.

  [Indications]Kidney stones, urinary stones.

Yam barley porridge,[raw materials]Huai yam, 30 grams each of barley, 15 grams of lotus seed meat, 10 jujubes, 50 grams of millet, a small amount of sugar.
  [Production]Finely cut yam, remove the core of the lotus seeds, and remove the seeds of the red dates.

After panning, cook with millet to make porridge. After the porridge is cooked, add sugar and mix thoroughly.

  [Usage]Take on an empty stomach 2 times a day.

  [Efficacy]Spleen and Qi.

Applicable to weak spleen and stomach, poor appetite, abdominal distension, diarrhea, limb weakness, edema in the elderly, women with symptoms.

  [Precautions]Those who suffer from constipation should not eat 10.

Lily barley porridge for treating gout Lily barley porridge can provide patients with the necessary heat energy, and has a direct therapeutic effect on gout, and can improve the symptoms of arthritis, it is an ideal staple food for gout patients.

It was found in clinical treatment that, under the principle of a low-purine diet, the main diet of Lily Barley porridge is very effective for gout patients.

  Wash sixty grams of dried lily, barley, and stalk rice and put them in a pot to cook porridge. Take it daily, mid-night, and take it twice a night, even after taking it. If symptoms improve, you must stick to it at least once or twice a week.Prevent gout recurrence.


Because barley is cold, it cannot be taken during menstruation and pregnancy.